Crows Feet Causes and Removal

crows feet treatment removal derma roller

What are crows feet? The fine lines around the outer corner of the eyes that form an almost triangular like shape that resembles a crows feet. These are the most dynamic wrinkles on the face as they appear almost instantly on squinting, laughing and whilst pulling various facial expressions. Crows feet are also instantly ageing as they are highly visible and start appearing from late twenties and early thirties, as opposed to wrinkles that tend to take over the face during ones 40’s.

Crows feet can develop from quite a few reasons but mainly unprotected sun exposure, smoking and squinting. Sun exposure without SPF can break down the collagen and elastin in the area around the eyes, leading to skin that is loose and saggy instead of tight and firm. The breakage in the collagen structure leads to the formation of wrinkles. Because the eye area is so delicate and often sun exposure is accompanied by involuntary squinting, it’s two forces working against your skin at causing crows feet that make you appear 10 years older than your age.

Always opt for an SPF of 50 and reapply when on the beach or in the sun and most importantly, oversized sun glasses will be your best protection at keeping those crows feet at bay. Smoking is known to deprive blood flow and oxygen flow to the skin which can also be responsible for cause pre-mature crows feet. The action of smoking is often accompanied with one squinting eyes to get rid of the smoke. This along with smoking itself can lead to these fine lines and wrinkles around the outer eye area.

crows feet derma rollerWhat you can do is to apply a thick cream containing anti-oxidants and glycolic acid, carefully and sparingly around the crows feet to help combat these wrinkles from deepening. What also can be done is to roll a handheld skincare device namely derma roller around the eye area. This is the only way, alongside Botox, that will help reverse the sign of ageing and soften and blur out those crows feet. Although effective, don’t expect the treatment to be miraculous in the sense that it will provide instant results.

Like all anti-ageing treatments, consistency and determination is the key. Derma roller results are permanent and guaranteed but because they have no side effects to them and only full of benefits, the process is a little slower than usual. You should be able to witness results from 6-8 weeks after starting the treatment, in the form of crows feet fading, softening and blurring out slightly.

Overtime, derma roller treatment will encourage more collagen and elastin production around the area, leading to a fuller, plumper and smoother area around the eyes. Using an anaesthetic cream before using derma roller will ensure you feel absolutely no discomfort during rolling the handheld device on the delicate eye area. After use, follow up with a hyaluronic acid or a stem cell boosting serum for fantastic results. Using derma roller 3 times a week, gently but firmly on crows feet is enough to trigger a drastic and visible response in the skin.

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Mens Skincare Tips For Quick Grooming

Men’s Skincare routine can be made complicated with a tonne of beauty gurus and health magazines out there, where as in fact it as be simple and uncomplicated to be able to follow it every single day without fail.

Exfoliate – This is the key to brighter looking skin. We’re not talking about an intense Microdermabrasion session. We’re talking about everyday exfoliation. Don’t scratch your skin with peach kernals and outdated, abrasive exfoliating scrubs. If you really want new skin to show through and slough off dead skin cells, you need a non-abrasive exfoliant that works effectively at peeling and renewing skin. Try a liquid one that you use with a cotton wool or simply including something containing salicylic or glycolic acid.

Moisturiser – Again, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Just choose one based on your skin type and current skin concern. Opt for ones that leave a luminous finish on the skin, if you suffer from tired, dull and fatigued skin that’s prone to dark circles. On the other hand, if shine is your pet peeve, then anti-shine, mattifying moisturisers will be your best friend. Remember the role of a moisturiser is to keep skin hydrated, supple and youthful so invest in a good quality one that you can slap on everyday without thinking twice. Ideally, there should be an intense one for the night too but if you feel that’s a bit too much for you, start off with a trusty one for daytime wear.

mens skincare tips derma roller

Face Mask – It’s not feminine at all to indulge in a face mask once or twice a month. If you live in the city and your skin goes through a tonne of pollution, dirt, grime and is affected by other environmental factors, it’s obvious that it will need some detoxing. Use face masks containing clay and manuka honey. Clay will help balance the oil production in your skin and keep blemishes at bay and manuka honey will act as anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant ingredient that helps skin heal and renew itself.

Eye roll on – These are equivalent to eye creams but more of a morning, pick-me-up version of them. These are light in texture, do not feel heavy on the skin and usually contain caffeine that will perk up the under eye area especially if you are a workaholic and need some help in the dark circle department. Keep these in the fridge overnight for a super cool boost in the morning, just before heading out to work.

Brow Gel – It’s not termed as makeup if you invest in a brow gel to tame those caterpillar brows. Men usually suffer from unruly brow hairs, that without much trimming and grooming can easily look haywire and messy. If you’re looking to give them a neat, pulled together look, then transparent brow gels will help keep them in place come rain or shine. On the other hand, if you’re one of those guys with sparse eye brows, opt for a tinted brow gel that subtly injects a hint of colour and makes you appear ten years younger in minutes.

Derma Roller -This handheld rolling device with needles on top is the most masculine skincare device you will ever own. If like most men, you don’t indulge in facials and skincare treatments, the Derma Roller device will make up for all of that. It will stimulate collagen and elastin production leading to younger, tauter skin. Alongside fading acne scars and blemish marks, it helps target sun spots and uneven skin tone. Incorporating a Dermaroller in your skincare regime twice a week, rolling it on the skin for 15-20 minutes can seriously boost skin health.

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Serums & SPF – The Two Most Underrated Gems in Skincare

We spend a tonne on moisturising creams, grainy exfoliators and cleansers but scrimp when it comes to face serums and SPF. In fact this is where we don’t care about what brand it is and compromise on whatever is the cheapest or the most convenient at the time. Although SPF’s hardly differ in quality, you can still choose one based on your skin type. If you skin is too sensitive, there are SPF’s that will prevent from aggravating it any further.

sun protectionIf you have an oily skin tone, SPF’s these days come with an added mattifying effect. For dry skin types, there’s SPF with a hydrating formula that won’t exaggerate dry skin patches. With thin, liquid like formula’s available these days with an invisible finish, there is no reason to complain about the thick formula, the greasy residue or the white chalkiness that it may leave behind.

Why SPF is essential? Your skin is not naturally guarded from UVA and UVB rays of the sun which can come in contact with your skin on not so obvious cloudy days from your living room window as well! Let alone the intense effect it has on your skin when in full exposure on a bright sunny day outdoors. These rays can dry out your skin intensely, break the structure of the skin which causes wrinkle and ageing, can trigger hyperpigmentation and sun spots. With irreparable damage that the sun can cause, a hat and a SPF will be your best friend this Summer.

Sun screen can be used just before applying your make-up or as a last step in your skincare regime, so there’s no reason to skip it. Think of it as an adhesive to hold onto your make-up or if going au naturale, it can be your invisible shield from the sun. Who wouldn’t want that especially if you like to stay outdoors in the warm months.

Sun damage may not show immediately but 5-10 years down the line, any wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation or sun spots you can spot, is all due to that. Derma Roller is the only solution for sun damage if you have already been a careless victim. It repairs layers of sun damaged skin and gradually reveals fresh, even and younger looking skin.

derma roller anti ageing sun spots hyperpigmentationSerums on the other hand are not even a part of skincare at all for a majority of people out there. Did you know it works faster than your moisturiser, has the ability to penetrate through skin more effectively and is lightweight to apply. In fact skin care specialists may recommend investing more in your serum than your face cream as it has the ability to work better and quicker.

Opt for serums depending on your skin type and current skin concern. Ageing, uneven skin tone, dullness, acne, dehydration and so on – there’s a serum for all of these with different ingredients in them to work best for your skin type. Hyaluronic and Salicylic Acid Serums are best to use after Derma Roller session for even better absorption.

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Derma Roller For Flawless Arms and Legs

The sun is starting to shine, coats are starting to be discarded and very soon, hopefully, many of us will be embracing the good weather and having more skin on display than we have for months. The sad fact is that there will be thousands hiding under high necks, long sleeves and have their legs covered up due to skin imperfections they are simply too embarrassed to show off.

derma roller arms and legsBurn marks, injury scars, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, stretch marks and wrinkles are one of the many reasons why people can be conscious to expose their arms and legs in the daylight. Derma Roller can help transform the look and feel of your skin completely in a matter of days. Especially as the skin around the arms and legs tends to be stronger and can tolerate moderate discomfort easily, it gives one more than one reasons to get rolling.

There are a wide range of skin imperfections that are in no way, shape or form the fault of those suffering from them. Pigmentation, uneven skin tone, burn marks, scarring even long standing damage caused by exposure to the sun before we knew how dangerous it was have all people hiding away and covering up. As with most things, men are not as inhibited as showing off their imperfections as women are, putting them down to battle scars or war wounds whereas the fairer sex are loathe to parade them.

Most people will have heard of derma rollers and the promises they make, but the latest research has proved that these clever devices actually deliver on these, and their popularity has gone stratospheric. Considering how cheap they are to buy, and how effective they are, it’s a wonder everyone isn’t using them. Those with severe imperfections, however, have probably had their hopes raised so many times for them to be dashed that they are treating derma rollers as just another flash in the pan.

micro-needle-dermal-rollerThe premise behind a derma roller is simple yet brilliant. The vast majority of skin imperfections are actually caused by the tissue lying beneath the epidermis; the top layer of skin. As the epidermis is so thin these imperfections are clearly visible which thus make people think that it is their skin that is the problem. The derma roller consists of numerous hair-fine needles which penetrate the skin and the tissue beneath, this tricks the body into thinking there is trauma and sets to work healing itself. What goes on underneath can dramatically effect was is visible to the eye.

The big appeal about a derma roller is that you do it in your own home and while there have been reports of mild discomfort and bruising during use the general consensus is that it is well worth it for the results. For those with low pain thresholds, or those whose imperfections are sensitive, an anaesthetic cream can be applied first which greatly relieves the discomfort.

It may be April now but there is still time to get yourself a derma roller and greatly improve the appearance of the skin on your face, hands, arms and legs before summer rolls around. They cost very little when you consider what they do and when the needles start to blunt you simply replace the roller you don’t have to buy a whole new kit. Anyone with skin imperfections owes it to themselves to give a derma roller a try, there really is nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain.

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Jennifer Aniston: ‘The closest I’ll ever go is a derma-roller’

With the paparazzi going crazy about reports of Hollywood celebrities opting for cosmetic surgeries and implants, Jeniffer Aniston is a breath of fresh air claiming that she will not let false media report affect her in any way. Of course it can sound a little clichéd to abide by such a statement however not for the favourite ‘Friends’ star who is confident about her looks and says she does not find happiness in altering or enhancing her looks by extreme measures. Immediately crossing out possibilities of a face lift or cosmetic surgery, she says Derma Roller is the closest she will ever go to when it comes to taking intense care of her skin.


The needles in the skin have an intense exfoliation like effect on the skin where they improve blood circulation, encourage collagen and elastin production, regenerate new skin cells and overall retexturise skin. Any sort of bumpiness, dullness, unevenness, sun spots, acne scars is revamped to create an appearance of flawless looking skin. Skin does have the ability to renew itself every few weeks however not to the extent that Derma Roller does. The handheld device that’s simple and uncomplicated creates an SOS response in the skin where it feels as if it’s been injured. This leads it to taking help from surrounding skin cells and overall it creates a network of skin cells that are actively and quickly working at repairing themselves. It’s like giving them an intense workout every time you roll the derma roller device on the skin.

Keep a gap of 3-4 days between each derma roller session to enable skin to heal and give it back it’s energy to regenerate next time around. If one continuously engages in this exercise for the skin, it’s impossible that imperfections will not be healed in a few weeks time. Pair the simple handheld device with hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, AHA’s and BHA’s – depending on what you want to achieve for your skin and see the unmatchable results. No wonders Derma Roller is a celebrity skincare favourite as it has no side effects and no taboo attached to it like cosmetic surgery, hence making it an irresistible choice for the stars to indulge in.

Seeing how the 45 year old actress still looks just as young as she used to in the 90’s, it’s proof for how well derma roller works at keeping skin fit and healthy. It’s not a quick fix like botox or laser but it’s safe, natural and lets skin heal and repair at it’s own pace. If you want to avoid any sort of artificial treatments on your skin but still want to fade hyperpigmentation, sun spots, uneven skin tone, blemish marks, acne scars and fine lines, then Derma Roller should be your skincare tool of choice. It’s quickly become a favourite in most households and skincare kits as it acts as your personal facialist, whenever you need some help in the skin department. The fact that it’s also recommended by Dermatologists also helps in making people believe it’s saf

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Derma Roller Hair Loss Cure & Treatment

More than 70 million men and women suffer from hair loss issues just in the United States each year, let alone global figures. Hair loss is followed by hair thinning and more of your scalp being seen than usual. The skin of the scalp seen more than the amount of hair is an immediate indication of hair loss and a hair problem that worries men and women alike. It can make you appear older than your actual age, affect your confidence and make you feel awkward in social situations. The last thing you want is people questioning you about it which can lead to extreme anxiety, stress and frustration.

Derma Roller works on the simple principle of puncturing the skin and causing it a minor injury. What this does in return is to help the skin regenerate and heal which it wouldn’t do on it’s own. The healthy skin cells around the so called ‘injured’ area help the bald area to activate it’s collagen and elastin production, alongside the hair growth process. It’s literally like giving the hair follicle a much needed kick start to encourage hair growth. The Derma Roller needles also help at encouraging blood flow in the area which is directly responsible for encouraging hair growth and stopping hair loss.

hair loss hair cure treatment derma roller

Why hair loss and hair growth serums would be absolutely useless to work on their own is because the hair follicle is actually not on the surface of the scalp but a few cm’s below and to activate hair growth, a product would need to reach just there. Only Derma Roller with it’s 0.5mm needles and above can reach that deep and encourage the hair growth process.

Scientists suggest that the derma roller works by triggering the production of human growth factor. When the needles are rolled along the skin, they cause minor surface wounds to the tissue. The body then must work to produce new skin in the area of the wound and releases the human growth hormone and other chemicals to assist with this process. Supporters of the derma roller believe that when these chemicals are released they also stimulate the growth of hair in the affected area, which can help begin regrowth in areas of thinning.

Designed for both men and women, Derma Roller can be used on extending partition lines in women as well as long as you are careful not to cause any sort of tangling, which may only cause further hair breakage – the last thing you want. Derma Roller is designed to straighten the scalp as well which can help if you are suffering from mild hair loss and want to strengthen the hair follicle to prevent frequent breakage. Combine Derma Roller with hair growth serums, 2-3 times a week and see new hair growth a few weeks time.

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Summer Skin Care with Derma Roller

In fairness it has been a long time since the last wonder treatment, namely botox, went mass market in the beauty industry so we are long overdue a new trend which everyone jumps on that actually delivers on its promises. Step forward the derma roller. Hailed as the latest wonder product in many of the top glossies, this is a trend that has erupted from nowhere and the best bit about it is the fact that it is very affordable.

summer skin care tips derma roller

Designed by a whole host of dermatological, we don’t need to know their names a virtual high five will do, this is one of those ideas that is so simply its brilliant. Created to help improve the appearance of the skin which is disfigured through acne scars, stretch marks, surgical scars and tattoos it has also been found to be effective for those who have cellulite, are suffering from the signs of facial ageing, hyper pigmentation and the marks left behind from chicken pox.

Having one tool to take care of all of this sounds, to be honest, to good to be true, but the experts say otherwise and considering the extreme amount of testing done who are we to argue? There have been more column inches given over recently to derma rollers than almost any other product that falls beneath the enormous umbrella of anti-ageing. Another plus is the fact you do it in the comfort of your own home, no traipsing to clinics or salons when you can fit it into your busy schedule.

So, onto the scientific bit, ie how it works. No prizes for guessing there is a roller mechanism involved but this is one with a twist. It contains a drum which is full of ultra fine needs and when you roll it over your problem areas it penetrates the outer layer of skin, or epidermis. This triggers off your natural reactors who think you have an injury and tricks them into initiating the healing process on the underlying tissue.

summer skin tips derma roller ukMore collagen and elastin is automatically produced within the tissue and as this is where the actual scarring etc exists the repetitive healing process caused by regular use of the roller smooths out the tissue and the marks that were visible through the skin are gradually eliminated. As we said; simple but brilliant.

This doesn’t claim to be a miracle cure, and it gets a thumbs up for that alone. What the testing has shown, however, is that within just a few weeks of regular use the skin looks younger, fresher and visibly smoother. The speed of the results all depend on the intensity of the scarring obviously and it will be work in progress for quite a while for those with deep tissue scarring or ink impregnation from tattoos.

There is an initial trace of bruising cause by the assault of the needles on the tissue and some have reported that is has been a bit painful. Not a problem, an application of anaesthetic cream first and you are good to go. Anyone wanting to have skin on show during the summer we are hurtling towards should really get started now with their derma roller as the sooner you start the sooner you reap the benefits.

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