Derma Roller Skincare Benefits in a Nutshell

Derma Roller treatment benefits are many including ant-blemish, anti-ageing, scar reduction, improving skin texture, combating stubborn hyperpigmenation and so on however in our introductory post, we shall summarise all the benefits so if you suffer from any of the skin care concerns listed below, you’ll find it’s easily solvable with this magical device.

To fade acne scarring – One of the major benefits of using Derma Roller to solve one of the most common concerns amongst men and women i.e. acne scarring. It’s common to have had acne prone skin during your teens but even more annoying to deal with tell tale signs as one grows older. If you have tried medications and applied fancy lotions & potions without any luck, you might want to give Derma Roller a go either by a professional practitioner or as a DIY treatment at home for guaranteed results.

To fade pigmentation/sun damage – Another major skin concern but more prevalent amongst mature women in certain ethnicities is that of pigmentation or brown spots developing on the face mostly due to sun damage caused in the past. Wearing an SPF after developing sun damage is not going to cure it! You need something that will get rid of that layer of skin and reveal fresh skin from underneath that is even toned. Derma Roller will trick skin to believe it’s been injured so it will renew the uppermost layer and gradually with use fade sun spots.

To fade stretch marks – We all know how embarrassing and stubborn stretch marks are on the thighs, stomach and arms. Be it due to pregnancy or weight gain at one point in life, it is one of those skin conditions that cannot be reversed or treated using skincare products, once it has been formed. As a prevention measure, it is completely fine to use oils and creams that will prevent stretch marks however if you have already developed them and want to get rid of them this summer to flaunt dresses and skirts, then derma roller at home treatment will be your best bet.

To reduce wrinkles/fine lines – Also known as a collagen induction therapy, the removal of dead skin cells from the uppermost layer of the skin via a derma roller treatment calls for new and greater amount of collagen produced. Did you know the levels of collagen in the skin start to reduce as we age, starting from the age of 25, decreasing in number and production each year. As skin is resurfaced via a derma roller treatment and new skin is produced, it automatically contains a much higher level of collagen hence holding your skin tighter and making it look significantly firmer and younger.

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