Derma Roller/Micro Needling: How it works & Needle Sizes

What Derma Roller does is to break off that outer layer of skin which needs to be treated which will then slough off and stimulates your epidermis to form new healthy skin. The first time you use it, your skin will be more sensitive to it so using a Numbing Cream alongside will subside pain and make the treatment more bearable.

With time however, if you use the Derma Roller regularly, you won’t feel the prickly sensation at all as you skin adapts to it’s to and fro rolling movements. It’s a revolutionary device which gives surgery and laser treatments a run for their money as it’s cost effective, has visible results in few treatments and allow the patient to be fully awake during the treatment.

Micro Needling treatment causes very small cylinders into the skin. The damaged skin then gets repaired and regenerated by the surrounding skin which allows the skin to then fully regenerate. If acne scarring, stretch marks or wrinkles are taking a toll on your vanity, it’s amazing how this wonder product that’s so uncomplicated and safe to use can change the way you live your life and see yourself.

A majority of people are confused on what needle size to use when it comes to using Derma Roller at home. The purpose of the needles in this collagen induction therapy is to increase transdermal absorption, that is absorption of skincare products through the skin and second is to stimulate collagen production to either reduce wrinkles, fade scars, stretch marks and so on.

Any needle size smaller than 0.5mm for home use will only cause transdermal absorption and not induce any collagen production at all. So you will get better value for your buck when using anti-ageing skincare products as they will absorb in effectively but the shorter needle won’t actually restructure the formation of your skin. What you are looking for is 0.5mm needle size which is the perfect to reach the layer of collagen in your skin and actively work at producing new quantities of it.

Opting for a longer needle size such as 1.5mm is tempting, considering it ticks all boxes especially if you’re looking to get rid of your skin problems as soon as possible. The only reason not to  use these needles at home is that they can be quite painful and cause you to stop using them after a while. Consistency like in all other aspects of life is the key to achieving great results with a Derma Roller treatment so it’s best to stick to a 0.5mm needle that is comfortable, not painful but still just as effective at resurfacing the texture of your skin.

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