Microneedling to resurface ageing, sagging & wrinkled skin

As we grow older, skin’s volume and density is what starts depleting gradually. This is the reason we see flat, dull, lustre lacking, sagging skin. The strong net that keeps skin tight and elastic starts to loosen hence skin starts sagging from the sides of the face towards the centre. Gravity also plays a part in ageing hence we usually notice skin drooping down as we grow older.

collagen ageing dermaroller

Skin can resurfaced and retextured significantly by injuring it in a number of ways. Now don’t be scared when you read the word ‘injure’ or ‘trauma’ when it comes to professional skincare devices and treatments. It’s similar to saying one ‘burns’ calories or ‘melts’ fat after a workout. It’s not a bad thing that will harm your skin but just like a workout, it can be temporarily uncomfortable but can yield brilliant results.

Skin can be ‘injured’ in a number of ways. Till a few years ago, treatments like Laser Resurfacing and Chemical Peels were popular to resurface the skin, improve elasticity, stimulate collagen production, reduce acne, blur scars and so on. Laser Resurfacing used light to ‘burn’ the skin and resurface it accordingly, whereas Chemical Peels used chemicals to ‘burn’ the skin and retexturise it. MicroDemabrasion treatments use abrasive exfoliators to sand off the top layer of the skin.

They of course come with their fair share of side effects which instantly makes Derma Roller the safest alternative available.Not only that, Derma Roller also has the quickest downtime allowing you to even wear mineral make-up within a day of recovery. This means no more hiding behind a pillow, with a bowl of popcorn watching movies, waiting for your face to heal. With Derma Roller, your life can continue as normal with only temporary redness, similar to that of sun burn residing for just a few hours after the treatment.

collagen dermarollerThe needles in Derma Roller penetrates into the epidermis and even reaches the new layer of skin underneath where it works at creating new collagen and elastic, both responsible for tight and firm skin. The holes or pricks created by the Derma Roller needles in the skin heal immediately after the treatment is finished, be it at home or carried out by a professional at a salon in East London & Essex. As we mentioned skin volume and density above, Micro Needling which is also known as collagen induction therapy actively produces more collagen that what your skin produces based on your age. The facial net that holds your skin firm is tightened all over again, ironing out those expression lines, nose to mouth folds, crows feet and saggy jowls.

Skin may feel dehydrated for a week after the treatment so make sure to drink double the amount of water you would otherwise consume. Within the first few weeks, you will see your skin developing a radiant sheen and just within 4-6 weeks, expect to see resurfaced skin in full form. Tight, elastic, supple, with dramatically fewer fine lines and less exaggerated wrinkles is what you can expect when using Microneedling for anti-ageing. It is genuinely the only minimum recovery, collagen induction therapy in the industry that has the least side effects and can even be carried out at home.

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