How to safely reverse Sun Damage permanently

How sun can damage your skin

Sun damage can cause pigmentation on the skin, lead to wrinkly skin, make skin leather like and coarse and accelerate the appearance of tiny yet numerous freckles on the face which is a fact. You really cannot change the damage sun causes or deny how it can harm your skin in more than one way. Some amount of sun exposure at certain times of the day is perfectly normal if you want some colour on your skin and want to soak in some Vitamin D. However, sun exposure can be extremely harmful for your skins health, texture and appearance in the near future if you bare your skin without a good layer of SPF.

reverse sun damage

SPF and Sun Damage

There are various types available in the market these days so you don’t have to worry about thick gloopy creams slathering your face. You can now opt for light, liquidy formulas that blend in with the skin seamlessly without giving your face that typical SPF white cast. Also, if you are of a certain ethnicity or skin colour or are just more prone to getting tanned in the sun than others, a Sun Factor of 30 and above is the minimum you should consider opting for. Anything less than that is simply not going to work just as effectively as it should for your skin type. Also, reapplying few times a day when outdoors is necessary especially if you come in contact with water or are sweating a lot.

Sun damage can be reversed!

sun damaged skin

Sun damaged skin

If you haven’t taken precaution and have skin that is leather like, wrinkly, with visible pigmentation or sun spots, Derma Roller can remedy all that sun damage with it’s simple yet effective technique of traumatising the skin, tricking it to think that it has suffered injury so it automatically starts repairing itself from skin cells around it. What’s amazing is that, skin ‘injured’ by a Derma Roller treatment starts healing within a day and does not have any side effects to it as would come with a Laser Treatment or Chemical Peels that are also used to reverse sun damage.

Say goodbye to sun spots & wrinkly skin

A fresh new layer of skin is revealed and gradually you will see new flawless skin that is free from any sun damage, replacing that old layer of skin. Sun spots and hyperpigmentation are not only faded but completely vanished after a few Derma Roller treatments in Essex. Not only does Derma Roller targets sun spots and pigmentation but also works at the same time at resurfacing the texture of wrinkled skin. How it does that is by reaching to the new layer of skin under the epidermis and triggering collagen and elastin to produce new cells. This eventually results in a stronger facial skin structure and tighter skin that’s firm, supple and bouncy. It gives that jump start that your skin needs to increase it’s collagen production.

Sun damage, hyperpigmenation & wrinkled skin all targeted with just one simple treatment of Derma Roller. It really cannot get better than that at reversing sun damage. Have a look at Derma Roller treatment prices here for a better indication of what to expect.

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