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Dermaroller for treating Hair Loss

Dermaroller is known to stimulate regeneration in areas it is rolled on, it can work on the same theory to help with hair loss and accelerate hair growth. In places where hair loss has occurred, it can help in stimulating … Continue reading

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Dermaroller treatment can fade away Stretch Marks

No kind of oil or gimmicky creams are going to get rid of your Stretch Marks. Just like ageing, Stretch Marks are easier to prevent from occurring in the first place than trying to fade them once they have developed … Continue reading

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Micro Needling Treatment: A non-invasive way to flawless skin

If you have no intention of jumping onto the cosmetic surgery bandwagon, want to steer clear of collagen injections and feel anti-ageing skincare is nothing but chemically laden, then Derma Roller, Micro Needling or Collagen Induction Therapy, whatever you may like … Continue reading

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Millie Mackintosh opts for Dermaroller for her Wedding Day

The Made in Chelsea star has recently said that she will be opting for a Derma Roller treatment prior to her Summer wedding. She said she knows it increases collagen production and will make her look younger. Plus the rolling … Continue reading

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Get rid of teenage acne scars this Summer

Colleges and Universities have almost come to an end with the never ending exam period. Schools will come to an end next month so we thought what better than to discuss teenage acne problems that almost every other teenager is … Continue reading

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Fade Blemish Marks with a Derma Roller Treatment

Types of blemish marks There can quite few types of spots on the skin such as blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and cysts which when touched, poked and erupted in a particular way can lead to dark red, purple or brown scars … Continue reading

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