Fade Blemish Marks with a Derma Roller Treatment

blemish marks fading treatment

Types of blemish marks

There can quite few types of spots on the skin such as blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and cysts which when touched, poked and erupted in a particular way can lead to dark red, purple or brown scars or marks on the face, months after the live spot has subsided.

This dark mark or spot is caused by your body’s inflammatory response to the acne pimple. Depending on your ethnicity, some skin types may find it takes much longer for a blemish scar to fade that others. It can be difficult to conceal it with make-up all the time and one cannot enjoy flaunting bare skin being obviously conscious of those dark marks that giveaway a blemish tale.

Why blemish scarring occurs

Scarring is a part of skin’s natural healing process but if it makes you irritated and frustrated and no topical skincare treatments seem to work, it can be that because it’s deeply engrained into the skin and is wrapped up under quite a few layers of skin. Did you know blemish scars is a sign of melanin coming to the surface of the damaged skin?

What you can see is just the top most layer which you can treat but because there are quite a few layers beneath it which have been damaged when you had a spot or tried squeezing or picking it in the wrong way, the scarring needs to be treated by a skincare specialist. Derma Roller scar reduction treatment will remove the top layer of the skin with the needles to and fro movement to regenerate new skin growth.


Blemish marks faded with Derma Roller

Blemish marks can be faded and lightened

Depending on how deep your scar is and how many Derma Roller Treatments you have undergone, the scarring can start to appear softer and less noticeable in a few weeks time. You can also expect to fade these blemish scars completely with regular use either by using at home Derma Roller kit or if you’re sceptical to leave your skin in your hands, then by a professional skincare specialist at a beauty salon.

Derma Roller also helps in strengthening the skin’s structure by rebuilding it and resurfacing it completely. Building stronger, healthier skin cells helps diminish the occurrence of unwanted pigmentation further down the line.

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