Get rid of teenage acne scars this Summer

teenage acne scar treatment

Colleges and Universities have almost come to an end with the never ending exam period. Schools will come to an end next month so we thought what better than to discuss teenage acne problems that almost every other teenager is going through. Be it a girl or a boy, acne does not discriminate and affects both genders equally. It can be intimidating to deal with it when you are going through the problem but even more intimidating to deal with the scars it leaves behind. Just like any other injury, acne injures your skin after healing and leaves behind dark red, brownish marks that although are flat, but still visible quite evidently on your skin.

Acne scar treatment for young teenage skin

They can be covered up with camouflage, heavy duty make-up and faded with chemical peels and lasers but Derma Roller is the only safest way for young teenage skin to get rid of acne scarring without any side effects at all. It’s the only acne scar removal treatment that is safe to use on sensitive teenage skin. Because it relies on a simply theory of  tricking the skin to believe it’s injured and allowing the skin cells to heal amongst itself, it is not a hit or miss but something that is proven and guaranteed to work every single time.

Depending on your skin type, you can need 6-8 treatments at a professional salon in East London & Essex or even carry it out at home at your own convenience. The fact that Derma Roller treatment can be carried out at home by even an inexperienced person automatically says how the treatment does not rely on skin or expertise that much as much as it relies on the Derma Roller device itself.

No side effects or chemicals used

If you are sceptical however and would like to leave your skin in the hands of experts it’s absolutely fine but you can also carry it out at home every few weeks. Don’t forget to give your skin some rest in between to repair, heal and rejuvenate on its own. As you continue rolling the Derma Roller needle on your skin over the weeks, new skin will start to appear gradually with every session and those pigmented acne and blemish marks will slowly start to fade.

Can you believe no chemical or side effects are linked to this treatment hence making is perfect for teenagers who are troubled with their skin’s appearance. Don’t worry about the pain as the prickling sensation will only feel slightly uncomfortable during the first treatment after which your skin will get used to how it feels.

Acne scar removal treatment can be done at home

Some at-home Derma Roller kits also come with an anaesthetic cream to apply prior to the treatment so you cannot feel the pain at all and with cell renewal serums that will fasten the process of shedding old skin cells and quickly replacing them with brand new, fresh and flawless radiant looking skin.

Although there is no recovery period when it comes to Derma Roller treatment which allows you to get back to your normal routine in just a day, Summer holidays is the best time for teenagers to try out the acne scar removal treatment so they can flaunt clear skin when they go back to school, college or university. Also, a bonus of the treatment is that is helps reduce pore size which is also a major concern for teenagers.

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