Millie Mackintosh opts for Dermaroller for her Wedding Day

wedding skin treatment The Made in Chelsea star has recently said that she will be opting for a Derma Roller treatment prior to her Summer wedding. She said she knows it increases collagen production and will make her look younger. Plus the rolling action of the Dermaroller pin she has been told will leave her skin plump, soft and radiant, exactly what she’s looking to achieve for her wedding day. As she’s going to opt for a soft and fresh looking natural make-up look on her big day, she wants to rely on her skin to do all the speaking for her and a radiant glow is something she cannot compromise on.

Especially in the summer when the wedding season is at it’s peak, brides usually don’t want to pile on a tonne of make-up and would rather prefer to go au naturale. Albeit simple and easy to pull off in theory, a no make-up make-up look can actually be quite daunting for those with imperfect skin. Skin imperfections such as uneven skintone, dehydrated skin, lustre lacking skin, flaky chapped skin, dull skin, scarred skin and deeply wrinkled skin will make a natural make-up look rather imperfect and can possibly exaggerate skin concerns more due to a low coverage.

It’s obvious that despite having their big day, not every bride wants to go for a full on, heavy coverage make-up look that conceals and covers every scar and blemish. The heat and humidity in the summer especially lead to brides opting for a low maintenance, low key look that enhances their natural beauty and let their skin breathe. Hence just like the beautiful Millie, it’s wise to invest in skincare treatments such as Derma Roller a good few weeks before the wedding day. It not only gradually fades acne and blemish scars but will also amp up skin’s radiance, making skin tone even.

Derma Roller Collagen Induction Treatment is the only treatment that has no recovery period, can be carried out professionally at a salon or at the convenience of your home, guarantees results and can be used until you achieve your desired results. Clean skin devoid of any acne scars or blemish marks or uneven skin tone will make the perfect base for a natural wedding look. Derma Roller also makes skin look plump and younger and wrinkles and fine lines less exaggerated by encouraging collagen production which keeps face tight, firm and taut. Smooth, supple and plump skin emits radiance and bounces off light like no other hence making it a necessity for brides looking to opt for a million dollar glow on their big day.

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