Micro Needling Treatment: A non-invasive way to flawless skin

If you have no intention of jumping onto the cosmetic surgery bandwagon, want to steer clear of collagen injections and feel anti-ageing skincare is nothing but chemically laden, then Derma Roller, Micro Needling or Collagen Induction Therapy, whatever you may like to call it, is your answer to fabulous skin minus any of the above. It is simply a rolling pin with needles which when rolled in a to and fro motion on the face, sends the body into rescue mode, forcing it to send the healing and repairing collagen straight to the skin.

Micro Needling Derma Roller London

Why is this amazing? Well because collagen is a substance responsible for holding the structure of the skin tight but starts diminishing in quantity since the age of 25. Hence you’ll see young teenage skin to be taut, supple and with a youthful bounce and rather pesky fine lines, dull and sagging skin as soon we reach late 20’s.

One question that people are usually confused with when it comes to Dermaroller Treatment is deciding between it’s usage at home or a booking an appointment at a clinic where a certified practitioner would carry out the treatment for you. At home Dermaroller Kit will only contain 0.5mm needles which although short, are the smallest ones that will actually activate the collagen and the new skin underneath the epidermis. This is suitable to use few times a week for 15-20 minute sessions and within 6-8 weeks, drastic results will be visible be it with blemish scars, dull skin, uneven skin or fine lines.

If you feel your skin concern is more pronounced and you want a treatment that would work aggressively and faster, then a professional Dermaroller Treatment at a clinic is what you are looking for as they are licensed to use needles larger than 0.5mm. You can expect results to appear quicker in the case of a professional Dermaroller Treatment and you would need less sessions compared to an at-home kit.

Whether you are looking to target large pores, fine lines, expression lines, smile lines, age lines, stress lines, crows feet, facial folds, dull skin, stretch marks, blemish marks or acne scars, an at-home Dermaroller kit will be a great addition to your skincare kit which you can resort to in the comfort of your home.

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