Dermaroller treatment can fade away Stretch Marks

No kind of oil or gimmicky creams are going to get rid of your Stretch Marks. Just like ageing, Stretch Marks are easier to prevent from occurring in the first place than trying to fade them once they have developed through layers of skin. Stretch marks can occur at any point during your life time, most commonly with pregnancy and rapid weight gain. Once pregnancy has come come to an end and you’ve shredded all that extra weight is when you realise you want to flaunt to your figure more but those unsightly stretch marks on the arms, chest, hips and thigh are obstructing your confidence.

stretch marks treatment dermaroller

Fade stretch marks with Dermaroller

Epidermis is supported by the elastic middle layer called the dermis. The dermis is designed to stretch and bounce back but rapid weight gain, pregnancy and other factors lead it to tear instead. The tearing causes lines like scars called Stretch Marks to form on the epidermis. The marks appear as parallel reddish or purplish lines which gradually fade.  They typically appear in areas where large amounts of fat is stored hence common areas being arms, hips, stomach and thighs.

You don’t need to spend on an expensive laser surgery to get rid of stretch marks as a simple hand held device called Dermaroller which contains 0.5 mm needles or longer can fade them within a matter of weeks if used consistently, at a salon or at home. What this simple yet super effective device does is that it puts skin into ‘injury’ mode by rolling to and fro. This automatically triggers the body to product more collagen and repair the ‘injured’ skin. Over time the stagnant stretch marks will fade quickly instead of you waiting years for them to miraculously fade. New skin will replace the old, scarred skin and slowly you will be left with flawless, smooth, taut skin that is ready to flaunt.

Don’t be afraid of the needles as they are designed to use on the skin with a safe level of penetration, deep enough to stimulate collagen and elastic production. The redness from using a DermaRoller will quickly fade within days of use and you wont even notice the slight pain and redness once you start seeing the brilliant results. Feel free to purchase an at-home Dermaroller kit and use it at your own convenience and comfort on any areas of the body or book a Dermaroller Treatment appointment at a salon and let a professional do the work for you.

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