Dermaroller for treating Hair Loss

Dermaroller is known to stimulate regeneration in areas it is rolled on, it can work on the same theory to help with hair loss and accelerate hair growth. In places where hair loss has occurred, it can help in stimulating blood flow which is proven to help with hair growth in general. It will of course cause short time minor damage to the skin on the scalp with its mirco needles that are safe to use for the skin. But in a similar manner as it would work on stretch marks and acne scars, it would revive that dead area of the scalp that does not produce any hair to become alive.

Hair loss treatment dermaroller

The skin on the scalp is thinner so a numbing cream that comes along an at-home Dermaroller kit would be beneficial to apply prior to use or you can opt to visit a salon where they will use the Dermaroller carefully in timed sessions you don’t have to worry about any damage to the skin. If you are using any hair growth products alongside, skin on the scalp subjected to a Dermaroller treatment will absorb skincare products better and improve the chances of hair growth. Whether you are suffering from male baldness or alopecia, it can create an environment that will effectively stimulate blood flow, improve collagen production and enhance hair regrowth.

Immediate flushing, redness and slight discomfort is what you can expect on the scalp when using a Dermaroller treatment for hair loss but it will subside in a day or two. How Derma Roller works at hair regrowth is to get follicles from which hair grows to restore themselves and work just as normal as before. It does this by creating indentations in the dermis which is the deeper layer of the skin which then triggers the body to heal these indentations by functioning healthily, producing the right amount of everything including collagen that is required for sufficient hair growth. Healthy follicles then work at reversing the effects of hair thinning and hair loss.

If you want to stimulate hair growth at the comfort of your home, try using an at home Dermaroller kit in a relaxed manner five times a week or with slightly more pressure but only once a week. If you want to recieve the full benefits of a Dermaroller treatment with professional help, a salon that provides Dermaroller treatment will be your best bet.

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