Derma Roller Clears Teenage Acne Scars for Prom Season

The prom season is finally here! School leaving can not be more fun or heart breaking than prom. It’s the perfect bitter sweet farewell that comes once in a lifetime. Besides having emotional aspects related to it, teenagers want to look their best on the special day and what better than a blank canvas to begin with. Great looking skin can boost confidence for social interaction, enhance appearance, make you feel great with or without make-up and overall reduce the pressure on you to look your best on your prom day.

How can this be done? With Derma Roller of course. The dermatologist tested, approved and recommended device that is simple to use, affordable and delivers results when used consistently.

derma roller fade teenage acne prom

If you like every teenager have suffered from acne during your teenage years, we all know how difficult it’s deep scars are to deal with. It can leave dents, uneven skin tone and dark brown, purple or red spots. If acne has subsided and only acne scars remain, Derma Roller at home kit can help you fade them in a matter of weeks. It stimulates the layer underneath the epidermis, gets rid of the top layer of the skin that is scarred and helps skin produce new collagen and pigments and retexturise uneven skin tone. It can also be used on blemish scars if you have problematic combination/oily skin which is prone to frequent breakouts.

If pore size if your problem, pigmentation or uneven skin colour due to genetics, Derma Roller can work in the similar way as above and regenerate new skin cells which can shed the top most layer of the skin via exfoliation and reveal fresh new skin that is flawless, even toned and smooth in texture. Pore size is also known to be shrinked with derma roller use as it re-educates your skin and can get rid of the top most layer that displays large pore size.

Weight gain or weight loss is also a common teenage problem usually linked to hormones, uneven diet habits, stress and so on. Quick body fluctuations can lead to weight loss or weight gain which can cause skin to stretch more than it can, leaving it scarred and these are what are known as stretch marks. If you are planning to wear a short dress this prom, show some skin around the tummy area or expose your arms, stretch marks are never a good look. Derma Roller is fortunately suitable to use on the body a few times a week and within weeks you can witness results which will fade stretch marks like no other gimmicky skincare lotion or oil has ever had.

Put your best foot forward, prepare you skin in advance prior to the prom, avoid caking the face and body with make-up and confidently show off your glowing, luminous, flawless skin which can act as your most beautiful asset, naturally!

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