Back Acne Scars Treatment is MicroNeedling/Dermaroller

Back Acne can occur for a variety of reasons. Just like face acne, Back Acne can affect you as an adult or as a teenager, due to hormones, lifestyle, stress, diet and other such environmental fluctuations and lifestyle changes. There are tonne of sprays, lotions and creams that you can resort to containing lactic acid, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and alpha hydroxy that control oil gland production, encourage non abrasive exfoliation and promote skin cell turnover.

A myth exists that back acne can be caused by hygiene and clothing which is completely untrue. Existing acne can be made worse due to friction caused between it and certain clothing.

back acne scar treatment

Why does back acne occur in the first place? Similar theory to face acne will apply where where excess oil, hair follicles and dead skin cells get trapped to clog pores which consequently creates a pimple worsening it to turn it into acne. Back acne can be prevented by keeping the affected area clean and dry most of the time.

Once the back acne has been solved and you have absolutely no trace of live acne on the back, it is time to gear up to take care of those nasty scars it has left behind. Back acne scarring is more difficult to treat than back acne itself. Scarring means the skin has been injured in a way and now needs to time, effort and patience to recover amidst deep layers to reveal flawless skin without any trace of back acne.

This can be embarrassing for men and women who then feel the need to cover up their scars and marks with layers of clothing and feel extremely conscious to expose that certain part of the body. It can damage one’s self confidence and obstruct the level of social interaction and perception of body image to an extent.

The only back acne scar treatment that will actually work at fading those deep scars is Derma Roller. It is a prickly device containing micro needles that need to be rolled in a to and fro motion on the back along with a numbing cream so you don’t feel any pain at all. It works at ‘injuring’ the top most layer the skin, tricking it believe it is in a fight or flight situation and has to automatically recover.

Over a period of weeks with consistent use, the recovery period kick starts and start showing results in the form of dead skin cells being sloughed off and new skin being revealed from within. The needles stimulate the new layer of skin underneath the epidermis as well as collagen and elastin levels to make sure new skin is not only even toned and free of scarring but is also firmer and younger.

Due to the part of the body in question in this case, i.e. the back, an at home derma roller kit might be difficult to use on your own unless you get a friend of family member to do the treatment for you. If that’s not feasible, we suggest a professional dermal roller treatment at a salon where you can leave your back acne scarring worries in the hands of the professionals.

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