Derma Roller to treat large pores on the face

Large pores can be a huge problem whatever skin type you have. It is a myth that only those with oily skin suffer from large pores as it is a problem that can equally affect those with dry, dehydrated, sensitive, mature and normal skin types. Of course oil plays a vital role in enlarging existing pores on the face hence oily skin is usually associated with large pores.

So why are large pores such a huge issue for women and where do they usually appear on the face?

large pores

Pores on face don’t have a particular pattern of appearance as they can appear almost anywhere skin becomes oily. Most common areas to find them are the nose, around the nose and cheeks. Over a period of time when oil and dirt get gathered in the pores, they stretch in size to accommodate the oil and grime, hence expanding their size. Otherwise pores exist on all face in different sizes but it’s only when they become enlarged is when it really bothers people regarding appearance.

You can temporarily use ice to shrink them, skincare to blur their appearance and make-up primers to fill them in for a smoother canvas but what about when you are not using any of the above and want to go au naturale. Or even want a longer term solution for the problem that constantly bothers you when you see yourself in the mirror. Large pores can sometimes be difficult to cover up with make-up and it can only make it worse by clogging them and enlarging them overtime. 

The only solution is a Derma Roller. It is a simple device with 0.5mm needles on it and is used to resurface the skin of imperfections. It is the only skincare treatment that will actually go beneath the epidermis and stimulate skin to produce more collagen and elastin. More of those two ingredients in the skin means skin will automatically appear smoother and plumper consequently leading to smaller pores that are significantly less visible. It also works at cleverly smoothing the area around the pores leaving uniformly even skin. 

It literally works at revealing fresh new skin so if you have always felt like those large pores on your face will stay with you forever, think again as Derma Roller has the power to renew, restore and resurface skin. Not only that, regular use of Derma Roller can help with balancing oil secretion in acne prone skin which can also help with smaller pores indirectly. Reduced oil production means less oil being accumulated in existing pores. This in turn means the normal existing pores won’t have to stretch to accumulate oil and grime.

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