Why you need to try Derma Roller at least once in your lifetime

Derma Roller Also known as micromedical skin needling, skin is numbed then the device is rolled across the face to make thousands of fine holes in the dermis, increasing blood flow to the surface of the skin, prompting skin to produce collagen and new cells by stimulating the layer underneath the epidermis. This is one of the main reasons why Derma Roller treatment should be tried at least once in a lifetime as anti-ageing skincare products will never reach the layer of skin underneath the epidermis which is actually responsible for generating new collagen and elastin to increase skin’s elasticity and youthfulness.

It is used to treat signs of ageing, sun damage, wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks which is something almost all ladies and men will suffer from at one point in time. Our bodies are inevitable to ageing so why not age gracefully by resorting to non-invasive treatments such as this which can even be tried in the comfort of your home. No one actually likes the signs of ageing creeping up a youthful face and what better than Derma Roller that will actually ‘injure’ your existing skin tissue, tricking it to regenerate new skin cells. New skin cells equals healthy, radiant and younger looking skin in just a few weeks.

derma roller

Some of us also suffer from post acne pits and acne scars which become darkened by exposure to the sun over time and form a thick layer which then cannot be peeled with skincare. Dermaroller is another safe procedure done for post acne pits and scars and helps in making the skin more even, smooth and flawless. It can also be done on uneven scars elsewhere on the body such as the legs or the arms if you are planning to show skin in the warmer months and do not want your scars to show through.

With so many benefits coupled in just one treatment, Derma Roller or Micro Needling is actually quite an underdog for what it can do compared to surgical procedures. The best thing about it is that it is affordable, does not leave tell tale signs immediately after the treatment and shows improvement within weeks that will stay forever.

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