Derma Roller: The new way to exfoliate skin

Gel based exfoliators, microbead exfoliators, warming exfoliators, balm exfoliators to liquid AHA exfoliants – we have seen it all when it comes to getting rid of the top layer of the skin. We exfoliate because our skin naturally does not shed cells as often as required so if we would leave it up to its natural process, dead skin cells would accumulate. What this does is to block pores, cause breakouts, make skin appear dull, flaky and chapped. Skin that is not exfoliated regularly causes major skin problems in certain people as listed below. These types of skin concerns cannot merely be solved by off the shelf exfoliators or would normally take months to show any improvement. There is however one solution that can help with all the below listed problems in one go – Derma Roller.

exfoliate with derma roller

Stretch Marks can be difficult to fade, especially as they become older and more stubborn engrained underneath layers of skin where they form a scar tissue. No amount of anti-cellulite creams or coffee exfoliating scrubs will help fade them. Only Derma Roller’s 0.5mm needles have the ability to go deep down at the root of the problem i.e. the scar tissue and regenerate collagen and elastin to produce new skin cells.

Blemish Marks are not something to worry about if you have skin that does not injure easily or leave behind blemish marks. A live blemish is easy to treat but for those of whose skin is prone to leaving behind tell tale signs of these blemishes will know that it can take months to fade them naturally. AHA exfoliants can work but at a slower pace at peeling skin and revealing a fresh new layer. If you want quick and guaranteed results, a Derma Roller is what will actually fade blemish scars like they never existed.

derma roller scar reductionAcne Scars can be difficult to deal with when live and spreading but once you have them in control, there is more to deal with in the form of acne scars. They can be in the form of pits or simply brown or purple scars that are dark and difficult to conceal with make-up. In this case, it’s best not to irritate your fragile skin any more with experimental skincare and rely on Derma Roller for collagen renewal and scar reduction which patients have been trusting since years.

Large Pores can be a nuisance as they can get larger with time, weather or hormonal changes and make you feel less confident in your own skin. Make-up always seems to creep up into those minute pores every single time. Derma Roller is also known to retexurise your skin completely to make pores appear smaller and less noticeable with every use.

Hyperpigmentation & Sun Damage can both leave dark brown spots on the face when you get older. It can be hormonal or to do with sun damage, both of which are deeper skin problems than what can be resolved with skincare alone. It’s essential to use overnight glycolic peels and a high SPF to battle these stubborn skin problems but Derma Roller can resurface your skin like no other by injuring your skin and tricking it to to produce new skin cells, which will in turn fade sun spots in no time.

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