Derma Roller Post-Holiday Skin Recovery: Beauty Tips

When all that sun, sand, dancing and long nights have come to an end, it’s back to reality after the end of a holiday. Beat post-holiday blues with these beauty tips and tricks to achieve that pre-winter glow.

Too much sun can dry out the skin and leave it looking parched, dehydrated and dull. That’s the last thing you want on your newly developed tan. A Derma Roller session is the easiest back to restore the glow by shedding dead skin cells and revealing fresh new skin. A layer of dead skin on top means that your skin cannot absorb any skincare ingredients hence once the fresh new skin is revealed, it automatically looks glowing as it can absorb skincare products better and react quickly and effectively.

post holiday beauty

Clogged pores at a holiday is what most people come back home with alongside souvenirs. Mineral oil in skincare products usually tend to block pores and so does slacking in the skincare department while you indulge in alcohol, partying and barbecues. The food can take a toll on your skin and make it clogged up, congested and consequently resulting in breakouts. Once the live breakout has settled down a little, roll the Derma Roller device two and fro on the areas of the face where you can see congestion and clogging up. It will act like an intense version of the Clarisonic and give your skin a thorough, deep cleanse. Pores will appear refined, skin will feel smooth and spots will disappear in a few days time.

If you have been neglecting the SPF while on the beach and exposed to UV rays on your holiday, you won’t see immediate harm but give it a few years and all that slacking will show up in the form of sun spots and hyperpigmentation. Prevention is always better than cure so although you might not see any obvious sun damage on your skin after a holiday, if you know you have skipped the vital SPF, then use Derma Roller as a preventative measure to get rid of any temporary sun damage. As years pass by, sun damage in the skin can become rigid to fade and stronger with time.

post holiday beauty tips

Overeating is another holiday vice that we only realise after hitting home and analysing the damage we have done to our bodies in the mirror. Stretch marks are caused by rapid weight gain. If you have been conscious on your holiday about existing stretch marks or want to prevent developing stretch marks in the first place, go on a detox diet as soon as possible to avoid more weight gain. Using Derma Roller on areas such as thighs and hips once a week will ensure skin stays toned, exfoliated, glowing and free from any scarring or marks.

Whatever your skincare concern after an over indulgent, lazy holiday – Derma Roller can help solve it all with it’s simple yet revolutionary technique. You can either use it in the comfort of your home or opt for a professional to take care of you skin worries.

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