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Did you know you can buy derma roller?

Apparently most people believe that Derma Roller or Micro Needling is a salon exclusive service and can only be carried out by professionals. In fact unlike services such as Botox, Dermal Fillers and CACI, Derma Roller can be carried out … Continue reading

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The ‘perfect’ age for using Derma Roller

Increasingly distorted portrayal of ‘beauty’ by the media and press since the last decade has now created a generation of teenagers and shockingly even children who are not satisfied with how they look superficially and would like to get cosmetic … Continue reading

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Acne causes and treatments

Have you ever thought about what may be triggering your acne? For all the modern technology addicts, a major trigger point for acne could be your phone. Extended mobile phone use could cause people to break out in spots and … Continue reading

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Derma Roller for Flawless Skin at workplace

In the current competitive work culture and the increasing unemployment rates, it is important to look good. Gone are the days when people did not admit that good looks were necessary for employment. In fact a research carried out by … Continue reading

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