Acne causes and treatments

Have you ever thought about what may be triggering your acne?

For all the modern technology addicts, a major trigger point for acne could be your phone. Extended mobile phone use could cause people to break out in spots and pimples, according to a leading US dermatologist.

Dr Justin Madson of the Nebraska-based Midwest Dermatology Clinic has said the act of holding a mobile against the face can physically block the skin’s pores and lead to a build-up of oil. What’s more, the warm surface of the device along with the heat of the user’s breath can help to create a warm, moist environment that’s a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

What can you do in such a situation? Reduce the amount of time spent talking on the phone and seek the advice of a dermatologist. Or better, use headphones or a bluetooth device to avoid direct contact. If you have been a victim of this and have developed scars due to the acne, Derma Roller can help clear out these scars.

dermaroller treatment acne

Researchers have found that Milk contains Androgen hormone which is responsible for acne attacks. Milk when consumed can increase the chances of pore blockages and hormone levels in the body. It can make sebaceous glands hyperactive and can also intensify existing acne conditions. It is mainly down to the fact that milk can induce inflammation throughout the body and cause acne to swell up.

What can you do to avoid such a situation? For you dairy addicts out there, there are quite a few non-dairy alternatives to milk, cheese and yoghurt which you can rely on including the most popular soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk and so on. Again, if you’ve developed scars due to dairy intake in the past, it can be difficult to deal with as fading them can be hard. Resort to derma roller treatment for easy repair and recovery.

Using wrong skincare products can also be a cause of acne if it is not realised and stopped on time. It is important to detect your skin type or get it detected by a skin professional at a clinic or a beauty salon. You may think you have dry, normal or combination skin but the skincare you may be using can also play a role in developing or exaggerating your acne problem.

What can you do to avoid such a situation? If you are an oily skin girl, don’t be afraid to admit it, embrace it and try to control it gracefully as acceptance is the first step. There are a tonne of skincare products out there for oily skin that are not harsh like before, milk, non drying, natural, organic and hydrating. Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid skincare products can help with acne prone skin.

Whatever the cause of your acne, don’t forget to cleanse, tone and moisturise using a hot flannel twice day, every single day. Another golden rule to abide by is to never sleep with your makeup on ladies, avoiding cigarettes, limiting alcohol intake, sleep more, stress less and say no to sugars.

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