The ‘perfect’ age for using Derma Roller

Increasingly distorted portrayal of ‘beauty’ by the media and press since the last decade has now created a generation of teenagers and shockingly even children who are not satisfied with how they look superficially and would like to get cosmetic surgery done to correct their so called flaws.

According to recent statistics of American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 200,000 teens between the age of 13-19 have had cosmetic surgery procedures performed on them in 2010 as they aim to find their ‘prettiest self’, more often to prevent being bullied, to conform to societal norms and we believe the statistics keep increasing every year. It is also not uncommon to hear parents giving children and teens cosmetic surgery vouchers as presents.

The statistics don’t come as surprise as we have celebs who directly or indirectly endorse cosmetic surgery such as breast implants like Kim Kardashian and Katie Price to name a few, enjoying their socialite status and are actually ‘worth’ millions of pounds primarily based on their appearance according to the media.

derma roller collagen induction therapy

Take the example of a facelift for instance, clients between the age of 30 and 40 would usually opt for it as the signs of age start peeping around those years, especially around the eyes as the collagen level in the body starts depleting and draining downwards causing that double chin that we all dread. However Derma Roller is the equivalent of a face lift minus the atrocious costs and pain involved in the procedure. Any age is the perfect time for a first session and can be repeated as per your convenience for maintenance. Starting early and taking one step at a time is what will lead to subtle, naturally flattering results, especially if you are in the public eye quite often and don’t want people to notice the dramatic results.

If you are in your 30’s however and feel you have lost that sparkle from your youthful 20’s, Derma Roller is the only device that can safely penetrate the epidermis and stimulate collagen and elastin production. It is slightly uncomfortable feeling on the skin but if you have low threshold for pain, an anaesthetic cream can be applied. Whether you opt for a session at the salon or buy the device to use at home, it can target pre-mature ageing and rejuvenate skin without having to deal with the physical and emotional dilemmas of a full on face lift.

Although nothing can be your best personal consultant regarding the perfect age for using Derma Roller than your bathroom mirror, Shumailas aim to provide just as objective and honest advice and promise to solve any confusion regarding treatments and procedures if you book a consultation with them at their salons in London & Essex.

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