Derma Roller Reviews – To try Derma Roller or not?

Derma Roller has been a tried and tested treatment carried out since years by professionals or customers at home. Apparently people are always looking for Derma Roller reviews online to see how it helped them with their skin concerns, be it regarding stretch marks, acne scars, pitted skin, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, blemish marks or fine lines. So we thought we should put together a post that helps people make a decision regarding whether a Derma Roller treatment will benefit them and what better than before-after pictures to speak as reviews themselves. 

Pitted Skin can occur due to a variety of reasons but mainly due to having acne as a teenager. You may have gotten rid of the acne now but the scars can leave a deep mark in the skin sometimes which can be difficult to get rid of. There are a tonne of natural and at-home remedies out there but nothing can work at transforming and retexturising the skin as a Derma Roller hand held device. Below is a before-after just within 3 weeks of derma roller use and you can already see that pitted skin is less visible, more softer and uniform. In 8 weeks time, skin will be back to normal all over again. 

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Wrinkles & Fine Lines. There is Botox, Derma Fillers, Cosmetic Surgeries and expensive skincare fillers which all promise to fade away or temporarily blur out fine lines and wrinkles. Especially the pesky ones on the forehead, crows feet and around the nose to mouth area can be the first few signs of ageing that’s easy to tell in women as well as men. If you are looking for a non-invasive, safe and effective way to treat them, Derma Roller is the way to go. As you can see below, the crinkled skin on the cheeks, nose to mouth and upper lip is softened with Derma Roller over a period of weeks, without the need for any injections or surgery. 

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Scars can be triggered by anything that leaves the skin purple/dark brown or of a different texture than normal. With age, these become more stubborn to fade and need something like Micro Needling to re-educate skin cells into returning to normal again. Whether they are scars left over by blemishes or by an injury, Derma Roller can work to resurface the texture of the skin and make it look flawless permanently. Unlike skincare lotions and potions, that only work until you use them, with Derma Roller, you only need it once and the results will be visible on your skin forever. 

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micro-needling-before-after-scar-treatment (1)


If you are looking for Derma Roller reviews, rely on images that you come across as they will be the best indication for whether the product will work for your skin condition or not. 

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