Dermaroller – Angelina Jolie’s secret to glowing skin

If you have less than perfect skin including unsightly acne scars, loss of plumpness, uneven pigmentation, and crepeyness then you probably know how much having less than perfect skin can get you down.  Dermaroller, a treatment you may or may not have heard of – with celebrity fans such as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt- can effectively stimulate the skin into producing its own collagen, helping with scarring, wrinkling, and general loss of tone.

The fine micro needles of the Dermaroller device penetrate the epidermis to stimulate collagen and cell renewal at a sub-dermal level, prompting the skin to, literally, heal itself.  Old acne scars can receive a much needed jump start and crepey skin, especially the fine, thin skin that covers the décolleté and around the eyes, will start to improve in tone after just a few Dermaroller treatments.

dermaroller angelina jolie skin

You don’t need to worry about the risk of infection either because salons use a hygienically sealed Dermaroller device for each new client, so the treatment is perfectly safe.  Do be prepared for your face to go numb beforehand though, as a topical anaesthetic cream is applied to the treated area to ensure the procedure is as painless as possible. 

Although tiny needles are attached to the device – which looks a bit like a mini medieval instrument of torture – there is no pain, partly due to the evenly distributed weight of the needles, their small size, and also because of the topical numbing cream.

A treatment which makes thousands of microscopic holes in your face may not sound like the smartest idea for your skin; but that’s precisely how the treatment works, prompting the skin into producing new collagen and elastin.

dermaroller treatment

The whole treatment should take approximately one hour in total, since the anaesthetic will have to be applied for about thirty minutes before the treatment can commence.  Regular treatments are best if you’re seeking an improvement on old acne scars, but even after one treatment you should see your entire skin tone looking brighter, plumper, and generally more even. 

Those keeping a keen eye on the purse strings will find a Dermaroller treatment is fairly cost effective, especially considering the results –with a course of several sessions working out even cheaper – making it an affordable treatment that’s easy for anyone who cares about their skin to try out.

If you’ve got stubborn scarring that just won’t shift and is ruining your confidence, then it really might be worth giving a few sessions of Dermaroller treatments a try, to see if the treatment can flatten out the pockmarks and scars that are, unfortunately the unsightly legacy of acne.

Equally, if anti-ageing is more your concern, then most people will certainly see an improvement after two to three sessions of the treatment, with a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and deeper expression lines like frown lines and nose to mouth grooves, looking more plumped up and revitalised as well.

And if you have stretch marks you loathe the sight of, then regular Dermaroller treatment can help to improve those too, it doesn’t just have to be limited for use on your face, and can be used all over your body to smooth out uneven pigmentation, marks, slackness, and tone.

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