Dermaroller treatment – the answer for facial scarring

Scarring can be traumatic on any area of the body but when it’s facial it can really affect your body confidence, even making you want to avoid certain social situations as it is just so visible, and it is unfortunately often extremely hard to hide as well, even if you wear heavy make-up.

There are several procedures you can have to lessen the severity of scars, such as those left by severe acne, including medical microdermabrasion, peels, and collagen stimulation therapy such as Dermaroller.  Dermaroller therapy is plastic surgeon endorsed, and is especially recommended for those suffering from acne scarring or other hyperpigmentation, as it works by kickstarting your skin cells into repairing themselves.  Sounds pretty innovative huh?

dermaroller blemish scars

Well, the technique works by using thousands of micro needles, which applied at a certain pressure, puncture the skin and encourage it to produce more collagen and elastin, thus helping to heal old scar tissue and smooth and brighten an uneven skin tone.

Downtime is relatively minimal; in fact you can go straight back to work after having the procedure, although in the two days following a Dermaroller treatment session you should be prepared for your skin to flake a little and shed itself to reveal new, fresher skin beneath.

The specially engineered roller is swept over your skin several times by your therapist, ensuring that all areas are stimulated by the needles.  After the session, a vitamin cream is applied to penetrate the skin for optimum absorption and to encourage healing of the skin cells. Your skin might appear to be quite pink and sore, and there may even be little spots of blood in places where the roller has punctured it.

It may all sound a little alarming, but the treatment is perfectly safe and risk free in the hands of a qualified practitioner trained in the technique, and since a brand new Dermaroller device is used for every client, there is absolutely no risk of cross infection.

After just one treatment you should see a marked improvement in your skins plumpness, radiance and clarity, although if your goal is to improve scarring you should have a course of at least six sessions for best results.

One of the reasons why Dermaroller treatment is so effective is because it works with your skin rather than against it, encouraging it to shed old scar tissue naturally and heal itself, rather than using abrasive ingredients to strip away skin layers.

This is in direct contrast to procedures like abrasive skin peels, that work using chemicals that often irritate and burn the skin, and which can sometimes even cause further damage, especially to delicate or sensitive complexions.

Previously confined to the US, and a hit with celebrity fans such as Angelina Jolie, Dermaroller treatment is now becoming more commonplace in the UK, and is being offered by more and more salons here, so it should not be hard to find a qualified therapist, especially if you live near a major town or city.

If you suffer from the embarrassment and discomfort of visible facial scars, then the treatment is an affordable way to boost your confidence and improve your skin – well worth the investment – especially since the results will be clearer, more even skin, with visibly reduced scarring.

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