Dermaroller treatment for cellulite

Cellulite, ugh that dreaded word.  But it’s a sad fact of life that up to 80% of you will have to deal with unsightly cellulite in your lifetime, and understandably this can seriously dent your body confidence.  Cellulite is formed by skin cells changing their structure at the dermal layer, becoming swollen and retaining water, which leads to the unattractive lattice like dimpled appearance that is dreaded by so many women.

Treatments such as body wraps and lymphatic massage tend to be expensive, especially considering the relatively small amount of improvement that is usually gained, and creams and lotions that claim to treat the problem are generally pretty ineffective.

Some of you may have heard of Dermaroller treatment, a little known therapist’s secret which uses the technique of micro needling to re-stimulate the skin’s cells at the dermal layer, clearing out toxins and kick starting your system’s renewal process.  This treatment, which is usually best performed by a qualified beauty therapist or aesthetician, is not just for facial skin, but is in fact extremely effective in treating stubborn areas of dimpled skin on places where cellulite tends to have a field day, such as on the upper thighs and bottom.

dermaroller cellulite treatment

Dermaroller treatment for cellulite works most optimally when performed once a month, to best give the skin a chance to heal, and this time period is perfect to allow things to keep ticking over in a natural cycle.  After just six sessions, you should definitely start to see a difference in the texture and tone of your cellulite blighted areas, and by 10-15 sessions, the problem should start to look dramatically better as toxins drain and sluggish circulation is kicked back into gear.

The treatment doesn’t really hurt, though it might feel a little uncomfortable, but your therapist will apply a topical numbing agent to the area at least 30 minutes prior to commencing the procedure, to ensure you feel minimal discomfort.  The entire Dermaroller treatment session should take no more than an hour in total, including the time it takes for the anaesthetic to take effect, and your skin will feel a bit tingly and numb in the area where the cream has been applied.

Afterwards, your therapist may apply a healing cream that contains toning and circulation boosting ingredients such as caffeine or sea kelp, to encourage lymph cells to drain and urge the lymphatic system to purge the toxins and impurities that can lead to the build-up of stubborn fat cells.

The area may look slightly pink and can feel sore for a day or two afterwards while it heals, but after that it will be back to normal, so you don’t have to worry about unsightly marks if you are taking part in activities like swimming.  Do make sure to use a good SPF if you are going to expose the treated area to direct sunlight though, as the newly treated skin will be more sensitive to sun damage.

Dermaroller treatment is extremely effective at tackling the problem of cellulite, due to its unique ability to break down the misaligned fibres that lead to the dimpled effect.  Following a prescribed course of Dermaroller treatment sessions will create a new healthy layer of collagen and elastin, which will be stronger and better arranged than the old, unhealthy layer of skin that it will replace.  If you are blighted by the issue of cellulite, then Dermaroller can be a really handy weapon in the battle to blitz those annoying lumps and bumps that have a tendency to blight the area around your hips, thighs and bottom.

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