Derma Roller Treatment: How to Use a Dermaroller

Coming across a video by YouTube Beauty Guru HudaBeauty regarding Dermaroller treatment and how you can use the device at home, we thought we should emphasise how important technique is when using the Derma Roller At Home Kit. First of all, if you’re planning to buy a Derma Roller it is important to have it clear in your mind as to what your skin concern is and what you’re planning to achieve with it.

Of course compared to high end skincare and chemical peels, Derma Roller treatment is considerably more effective and with visible results. But if you suffer from something like hyperpigmentation which is dark brown spots that have been present on the skin since a good few years, even something like Derma Roller would take time to deliver results. One of the main reasons for this can be that at home Derma Rollers that are safe to use contain a 0.5mm needle. This can be effective for younger skin that needs to maintain elasticity and encourage collagen production – more like a deep exfoliation treatment.

For mature skin tones that suffers from crinkly skin, deep wrinkles and a lot of fine lines alongside dark pigmentation, a derma roller treatment at the salon will be the way to go. An intense treatment of 2 hours per session, it is recommended to be carried out thrice a month to see absolutely amazing results. For maintenance, you can continue using anti pigmentation skincare and an at home derma roller device.

As demonstrated in the video, keep variety in the way you use the Derma Roller on your skin. Start with a to and fro motion and then go diagonal and criss cross with it so as to explore every angle of your face, to see fabulous results.  Also, the frequency at which you can use the derma roller device on the level of pressure you’re putting on it when rolling on your skin. If you’re applying too much pressure than probably once or twice a week and if you’re applying a light intensity of pressure, then feel free to roll 4 times a week.

What’s amazing with Derma Roller is that, there are absolutely no side effects hence it can easily become a part of your skincare regime no matter what your age. If you feel your skin is problematic and that you suffer from uneven skin tone, dullness, wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, dark spots, vitiligo and so on, just give it a go alongside derma roller treatments in the salon and medication/skincare to see drastic results.

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