Dermaroller – the ideal treatment for darker skin

Treatments to improve scarring and uneven pigmentation for darker skin tones, have typically been very limited in the past, but now there is a new treatment available that can (over time) correct hyperpigmentation, and improve unsightly scarring, and it is highly suitable for darker skin.

Dermaroller, is a treatment that uses thousands of tiny micro-needles to “wound” the skin, a process which in reality is nowhere near as horrific as it sounds.  This “wounding” actually stimulates your skin’s cells to produce more collagen and elastin, thus making it better able to rejuvenate, and heal itself.

derma roller hyperpigmentation

The result?  A fresher, more plumped up, and revitalised complexion, that looks smoother and younger, all without having to undergo cosmetic surgery, or endure abrasive chemical peels.  Word is catching on,  and over 170 clinics nationwide are now offering the treatment here in the UK, as people are fast waking up to the effectiveness of this nifty little procedure.

Darker skin is traditionally much harder to treat when it comes to evening out pigment because of the additional risk of hyperpigmentation, but since Dermaroller treatment works in tandem with your body naturally, the procedure carries little to no risk.

Dermaroller treatment is suitable for all varieties of skin, including, oily, combination, dry, and even acne prone skin, and is particularly effective at smoothing out an acne scarred complexion over a prolonged course.

After your first Dermaroller treatment, you can expect to see an increased glow and radiance to your skin, but if you have serious scarring or uneven pigmentation that you want to tackle, then you will need to stick with a course of six or more sessions, in order to see a real improvement.

Skin is numbed beforehand with a topical numbing gel or cream, and downtime is minimal.  At worst you can expect some light swelling at the treatment site, which will quickly disappear within two to three days, making it easy to squeeze in treatments in between social and work commitments.

Other treatments typically used to treat hyperpigmentation, scarring, and wrinkles, such as Laser or IPL, re usually not recommended for darker skins, as they can actually worsen the problem, exacerbating melasma, and other skin irregularities.

Even chemical peels can cause pigmentation problems, so until now, if you had darker skin, you were somewhat limited in your choice of treatment options, if you were unlucky enough to suffer from any of these common skin conditions.

The versatility of the Dermaroller treatment, combined with its affordability, low risk, and accessibility, makes it the ideal contemporary treatment, for treating and improving darker complexions.  So why not make it your New Year’s skin resolution to try a treatment or course of treatments at a reputable salon or clinic near you?

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