Get gorgeous and Dermaroll your way into the New Year

Ever looked at the fresh faces of celebrities and felt sure they must resort to plastic surgery in order to have skin that looks that flawless?  Well some of them might do but nowadays it’s amazing how much you can actually do to enhance your natural beauty without resorting to the surgeon’s scalpel.

To combat their wrinkles, uneven skintone, unsightly blemishes, and leftover acne scarring, savvy stateside celebrities in the know have been turning to an up till now well-kept skincare secret, to turn back the clock on their complexions and keep them looking premiere perfect.

derma roller treatment review

Dermaroller, is a skin improving technique which employs the ancient art of micro needling, a practice which works by “wounding” the skin, thus stimulating it into rejuvenating itself by producing more collagen and elastin.

Collagen and elastin naturally begins to decline as we age, which makes the treatment a great anti-ageing boost to incorporate in to your regime, and it will improve general skin tone as well as clarity.

Angelina Jolie, who is renowned for her porcelain perfect skin, is a fan of the treatment, along with her partner Brad Pitt, and a whole host of celebrities on both sides of the pond are catching on to the value of regular Dermaroller treatment sessions.

With results visible after as little as one session, minimal discomfort thanks to the topical numbing cream that’s applied to the area to be treated beforehand, and little to no downtime after the procedure, it’s easy to see what all the fuss is about.

After all what’s not to love about a procedure that firms and tones your skin, evens out your complexion, and gives you gorgeously glowing skin all at once?  More and more salons countrywide are beginning to introduce this treatment in the roster of procedures they offer, but still, it’s important to do your research to find a salon or clinic with a good reputation, even with a low risk procedure such as Dermaroller.

Success stories abound, with people who have had the treatment reporting a visible improvement in acne scarring after a course of treatment sessions, and case studies reporting their facial wrinkles lessening in depth and appearance, smaller pores, and a more radiant smooth looking complexion.

Dermaroller isn’t limited to facial use as well, the procedure has yielded excellent results when used on cellulite and stretchmarks, and it can also be used to boost and strengthen the skin around the delicate décolleté area, which is often prone to sun damage and premature ageing.

With no risk and all these obviously attractive benefits, why not make a Dermaroller treatment your new beauty “must try” for the New Year, and take a look to see if a local reputable salon or skin clinic offers the treatment, so you can try it out for yourself?

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