Derma Roller vs Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser Skin Resurfacing is usually opted for cosmetic reasons and to get rid of old skin and renew fresh skin growth.

Laser facial resurfacing can:

  • remove superficial wrinkles
  • tighten your skin
  • even out your pigmentation (colouring)
  • smooth rough skin
  • improve the look of scars, including shallow acne scars

Not so surprisingly, the above benefits of a Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment are highly similar to that of a Derma Roller. Dermatologists term Derma Roller as the poor man’s Laser. If you are unaware, Laser Resurfacing Treatments can cost a large amount and you’ll usually hear that one treatment will never do the job hence you will need to indulge in more. Derma Roller in comparison does pretty much the same job as a Laser, just more manually instead of laser beams and all that advanced scientific jazz.

derma roller treatment uk

Plus, a single Derma Roller treatment costs only £200 which is definitely more cost effective and the results are definitely better. Want an even better bargain, then an at-home Derma Roller can be bought for around £40! The needles are 0.5mm to make it safe and suitable for at home use but nonetheless, the effects are pretty similar to that of a Laser Treatment, albeit achieved in a slightly more longer time frame. Its all down to your skin concerns at the end of the day. If we are talking about blemish scarring, fine lines and slight uneven skin tone here, then an at home Derma Roller treatment can suffice. If we are discussing, deep wrinkles, crows feet, dark pigmentation and nose to mouth lines, they you should resort to a clinic where a therapist would provide a Derma Roller treatment, to see faster results.

Unlike Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatments, Derma Roller does not have any side effects. Minor swelling and redness prevail for a few hours after the treatment but that is is. Just simply avoid wearing makeup and using chemicals in your skincare after the treatment and there you go – no downtime at all and you can continue with your daily chores the day after. It’s best used at night when your skin has time to heal overnight. Follow up with a hyaluronic acid serum for moisture is put back into the skin. It’s the time when microchannels have been create by the Derma Roller which increases skin products absorption so stick to natural, organic products and moisture boosting serums.

Introduced by a German scientist in 2000, Derma Roller has been a strong competitor to Laser Skin Resurfacing since more than a decade now. Especially with fans such as Angelina Jolie coming out and describing their love for the wonder product, it’s not a surprise why people prefer this mechanical, no side effect, easy to use and cost effective product than Laser.

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