Cara Delevingne Skin Care: Derma Roller for supermodel skin

Who doesn’t want to look like the Victoria Secret, Chanel and Burberry Model. One of the most popular young models in the world, a teenagers inspiration and every women’s ‘I wish I looked like that!’ idol, Miss Cara D is known for not just her bushy signature eye brows but her flawless, dreamy complexion that is the epitome of radiance and youth. Just a simple search on google images for the feline beauty will immediately start you drooling over her complexion. There’s something about that smooth, wrinkle free yet earthy skin tone that every one wants to mimic and possess.

cara delevingne skin

One would think models will be upping their workout, skipping carbs and going heavy on juice diets but not this British beauty. Apparently she doesn’t like living by the rules and has said to rather indulge in carb heavy, junk food such as Pizza before the Victoria’s Secret catwalk! Then came the news that the rebellious supermodel has been indulging in a ‘needle pen’ treatment facial that helps her get through carb heavy food and late nights. It’s none other than the much talked about Derma Roller ladies. Although Cara D relies on facials including Derma Roller carried out at a beauty clinic, what’s amazing is that you can now replicate the likes of this supermodel at home with a Derma Roller device that retails for just under £40!

If you are like Cara, trying to juggle a few careers at one time, a busy mum, a hectic business person or just a workaholic, this intense Derma Roller would be perfect for you. If you have serious pigmentation, uneven skin tone, acne scarring or blemish marks, you may want to take out some time and pop into a salon for an hour long Derma Roller treatment carried out by professionals using deeper needles for faster results. If you’re a DIY facial kind of a person, Derma Roller at-home device is just as good, just with shorter needles than the ones used at the salon. Incorporating this in your skincare routine will ensure skin stays firmer, younger and flawless making your complexion looking just as dreamy as a Supermodel.

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