Celebrity Stateside skin secret Dermaroller treatment hits the UK

Looking for a new way to rejuvenate a tired, jaded complexion before the onslaught of Christmas social events hits?  Then you may be interested in a procedure that’s been causing a big beauty buzz Stateside and has recently begun to pick up in popularity over here in the UK too – Dermaroller treatment – a technique that utilizes the fine art of micro-needling to perfect your complexion.

You might not have heard of Dermaroller before, but micro-needling, which uses hundreds of tiny strategically placed needles to “wound” the skin, is not new, and has in fact been around for centuries.  Recently though, it’s been brought bang up to date with the invention of the Dermaroller device, which is specially engineered to be used safely for even the most delicate of facial skin.

dermaroller uk

Curious yet?  Well you should be, and the festive season is the perfect time of year to begin a course of Dermaroller treatment, ensuring you’ll reap the benefits of a fresher, brighter face in the coming New Year.  And if you want to try it out, and you’re searching for Dermaroller UK treatment, then the good news is that more and more salons and dermatologists are now offering the treatment countrywide, thanks to stars like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt espousing the incredible skin rejuvenating benefits of the procedure.

But what should you expect if you do take the plunge and decide to test out a Dermaroller treatment for yourself before the festive rush begins? Well, the procedure carries no risk and is completely hygienic as a brand new roller device is used for each new client, so there is no possibility of cross infection or scarring.

A Dermaroller treatment session is painless too due to the topical anaesthetic that is applied to the treated area thirty minutes before the procedure commences. During your session, the clinician or dermatologist carrying out the treatment will roll the Dermaroller device over all the areas to be treated six times – or “passes”- but thanks to the numbing agent, you won’t feel anything apart from the mildest of pinpricks.

Afterwards there may be some mild redness and swelling but you can easily cover this up with make-up, ensuring you are able to go straight back to your desk or attend those Christmas lunches and drinks, without worrying about your skin looking unsightly.

The entire treatment usually takes no more than an hour, making this the perfect no-downtime treatment for those of you with busy lives and hectic schedules, who want to make looking good a priority, but can’t squeeze in lengthy salon pampering sessions alongside the hectic social whirl of the festive season.

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