Derma roller for Hair Growth: Solves Hair Loss Problems

Derma roller is a device which increases the levels of collagen and elastin in your skin. Pit formation on your skin, stretch marks, scars and wrinkles are primarily caused due to the lack of collagen. Collagen plays a crucial role on your skin texture.  So, by using this derma roller you can increase the level of collagen in your skin.

This product takes your skin to an entirely different level. It renews and rejuvenates your skin. Now, you must be in a sceptical situation whether to use it or not. Well, undoubtedly it is a wonderful product. It is just a simple skin roller that dermatologists and skin consultants swear by. It contains around 192 tiny steel needles whose task to keep apart the pores of the skin’s top layer. Now, these open pores close after about an hour.

derma roller hair loss hair growth

In this time duration, the skin is able to absorb maximum lotions or any other skin creams in a very effective and efficient manner. These rollers are not designed to hurt you. It just gives a bit of tingling sensation.  It has similar results to that of laser treatment and chemical peeling. But this time, at a very low cost.

What’s amazing about this versatile product is that it can be used on the scalp as well. If you are suffering from hair loss, are worried about a receding hair line, wide partition, falling hair or simply want thick, luscious hair – dermaroller will be your best bet for hair growth. Temporarily, what it does is to open the pores on the scalp meaning any hair growth serum you apply after a dermaroller session will be absorbed in easily and work faster.

Secondly, any sluggish hair follicles are stimulated, blood supply is rushed to the uppermost layer of the scalp and oxygen is better provided to the hair roots. All of this works simultaneously at promoting better and faster hair growth. Collagen production in the scalp is encouraged with dermaroller use which leads to better skin cell renewal, if you are suffering from excessive hair fall or dry scalp condition. Dry scalps can also benefit from hyaluronic acid serums which can also absorb better after a session of dermaroller on the scalp.

Don’t be afraid to use Derma Roller for Hair Loss. The skin on your scalp is just an extension of the skin on your face. So wherever you notice hair loss or want to stimulate hair growth, simply roll the derma roller to and fro gently in different directions. You can repeat the process for 10-15 minutes on different areas of the scalp and do this twice or thrice a week. Always proceed with a hair growth or hyaluronic acid serum after use for best results.

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