Jennifer Aniston’s secret to complexion perfection

Heard about the hot new treatment that the Hollywood stars are using to perfect their complexions?  If you live in the UK you might not have heard of it yet but it’s big in the States and it involves hundreds of micro needles that are rolled slowly back and forth over your face.  Guessed what it is yet?

jennifer aniston dermaroller london essexDerma roller treatment has been building a buzz slowly on the other side of the Atlantic for some time now, with  superstars like Jennifer Anniston purportedly huge fans of the treatment, which uses a technique called collagen stimulation therapy to cause the skin to regenerate and heal itself at an advanced rate.

A Dermaroller therapy session involves applying a sterile device with hundreds of minute needles attached to the skin with light pressure, and the procedure can be used to treat scarring, wrinkles, uneven pigment and a whole host of other complexion complaints.  The treatment can be completed in under one hour, and due to the topical anesthetic applied before the procedure, it causes minimal pain, and little downtime, making it the perfect lunchtime face booster for busy working women (and men) who need to dash back to the office afterwards.

The procedure is generating noise on this side of the pond too, as more and more dermatologists and estheticians are now including Dermaroller sessions on their roster of treatments offered.  You can even buy Dermaroller devices to use at home in order to maintain results in between visits to your skin professional, but due to the invasive nature of the device, do ensure you only buy one that has been fully CE certified.

And it’s not just Jen indulging either, arch rival Angelina Jolie claims she’s a fan too, so along with their taste in men, it looks like regular Dermaroller treatment sessions are just one more thing these famous beauties have in common.  Speaking of men, even Angelina’s husband Brad has jumped on the bandwagon, indulging in regular Dermaroller sessions to maintain his famous chiselled good looks.

Now offered fairly comprehensively up and down the country, a simple Google search for Dermaroller London should yield plenty of results, but a word of caution, do a little research first to ensure you are going to be visiting a good practitioner, as though risks may be low, things can still go wrong if the procedure is not carried out correctly.

As for results, optimum improvement can best be seen after a course of six or more treatments, but some patients claim to experience a visible difference in their complexion after just two or three treatments, so results do vary.

Best thing to do is to try it yourself, after all there has to be a reason why the celebrity buzz about this procedure is building, famous faces are notoriously picky about their skincare procedures, and Dermaroller has definitely been awarded A-List approval.

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