LA skin secret – The Derma roller review

Derma Roller Review

If you’ve been a little too indulgent over the Christmas period, and toxins and other nasties are starting to show in your complexion, dulling your skin  and making you look tired beyond your years, then you may be interested in the new slew of treatments to land on our shores from that land of perfection – LA.

Dermarolling has long been the beauty buzz word on the lips of skincare savants in the know in Hollywood, but since the treatment has started to take off over here too, UK complexion aficionados can benefit from the procedures epidermis boosting benefits too.

derma roller review LA skin celebrity

The procedure works by wounding the skin in order to supercharge healing, and while this may sound painful, discomfort is actually kept to a minimum, due to the topical anesthetic cream that’s applied to the skin’s surface 30 minutes before treatment.

Dermarolling can be used to improve a variety of skin conditions and problems, including scarring, wrinkling, and uneven pigmentation, and can also be used as a collagen stimulation therapy in order to encourage healthy cell turnover.

A typical Derma roller session will last under an hour, and will also include the application of several effective active topicals after treatment, as this is when the absorption of your skin will be at its optimum.

Hygiene  is paramount in this treatment, which you might expect due to the hundreds of tiny needles attached to the Derma roller device, and your cosmetologist will use a brand new sterile Derma roller for every client.

Despite its relative newness and growing popularity with the Hollywood A-List Dermaroller costs are not prohibitive in the UK, making it well within the reach of most people who prioritize good skin care.

But don’t expect miracles after the first treatment session; although you may see an improved glow straight away, this is a cumulative treatment, with more severe problems such as acne scarring requiring several courses of treatment before an improvement can be seen.

Consult with your dermatologist as to how many sessions would be best for the results you aim  to achieve, and they will also inform you as to how often the procedure can be carried out.  You can even purchase a home device for maintaining results between your treatment, just ask your therapist, or check online for CE certified suppliers.

Stick with the recommended treatment course and you’ll certainly see results though, Dermaroller treatment isn’t the choice of A-List beauties like Jennifer Anniston and Angelina Jolie for nothing, this is one treatment that’s proven to produce results.  So go for glowing in 2014 with Derma roller, the A-List trend that looks set to become part of every self-respecting skincare salon’s treatment roster.

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