How Jennifer Aniston gets her five star flawless complexion

A-Lister Jennifer Aniston is admired for many things; her acting talent, stylish wardrobe, and not to mention that famous mane of hair.  But she’s also top of the class when it comes to her complexion too,  with her glowing and flawless peachy smooth skin, that’s remarkably wrinkle free given her 44 years.

Jen’s latest beauty secret is something you might not have heard of yet, as the procedure she’s purported to be a fan of is not something that’s hugely well known in the UK – yet.

Dermarolling is a skin craze originating from the Far East that has become big beauty news in the US and it looks likely to take over skin care specialist’s treatment rosters over here very soon as well.

jennifer aniston skin

The procedure can be used to treat a whole host of skin complaints and common complexion woes, such as wrinkles, scarring, uneven pigmentation, and loss of tone and radiance, and it can be carried out in the salon or even in the convenience of your own home!

The Dermaroller is a device with hundreds of tiny needles attached that vary in length from around 0.2 mm to 3mm depending on the skin condition and the area of the face or body they are intended to treat.  Scarring for example, requires longer needles, so a length of up to 2.5 mm could be used, while needling the delicate eye area would require a Dermaroller device with needles of no longer than 0.5mm.

As mentioned above, you can have the treatment performed in a salon, or you can buy a device suitable for home use, but do be warned, it’s recommended to only use a needle length of up to 0.5mm at home, and do also make sure your device is fully CE certified before you purchase it.

If you want to emulate Jen and have the treatment performed professionally, you’ll find that more and more clinics and salons across the UK are fast picking up on the benefits  the treatment and a simple google search for “dermaroller london” for example, should reveal plenty of affordable options.

And though it might sound painful to have hundreds of small needles repeatedly pricking at your skin, you can purchase and apply a topical anesthetic cream 30 minutes before needling the treated area and you’ll barely feel a thing. If you’re having your dermaroller treatment in a salon, you won’t need to purchase the numbing agent, as they’ll supply it for you.

Painless, effective, and celebrity endorsed what’s not to love about the big beauty story of 2014 – the Dermaroller?

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