Derma Roller: Cleaning & Hygiene

Derma Roller treatment was initially only carried out at salons and by Dermatologists. However overtime, needles with a shorter length were created for people to be able to use the device at home and see visible benefits without spending a tonne on commuting to the salon. Just how at-home laser hair removal systems are condensed version of the ones found at professional salons, similarly at-home derma roller come with needles of 0.5mm and under so you can still experience thorough exfoliation but without the risk of causing skin any damage.

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Cleansing and Hygiene is very important when it comes to practising Microneedling at home. Albeit not a highly professional process to perform, it requires immense precision and attention to detail. Also the ability to follow instructions exactly as mentioned

Always thoroughly cleanse derma roller device using rubbing alcohol for 10 minutes before application and 10 minutes after application in a plastic or glass container. Make sure the derma roller head is fully immersed in the cleansing solution to disinfect and avoid bacterial infection. The product will touch the deeper layer of skin on use so you want to make sure you keep it as clean as possible. Most derma rollers will come with their own casing for storage. This will keep it away from any sort of unwanted bacteria, dirt and fluff flying around in the house.

You can also place the head of the derma roller under luke warm water after use to get rid of any skin debris that may be clinged on to it. Make sure the water is not burning hot as it can affect the quality of needles next time you use it.

It goes without saying but do not share a derma roller with any other person and keep  it strictly reserved for personal use. This immediately reduces the chances of any sort of infection.

If you have live skin concerns such as acne, flare ups or sensitivity, then it’s wise to avoid rolling the device on your skin at the period of time as it’s only going to make the skin problem worse. Skin needs to be in a healthy state to go under the ‘trauma’ and slight ‘injury’ that the derma roller will cause to the skin. So do not roll it on any live acne, pimples, white heads, cysts or zits of any sort.

Cleanse your face thoroughly before use and apply a hyaluronic acid serum to turn up the hydration level. Try and stick to organic skincare after using a derma roller and avoid retonoids and any sort of ‘acids’ when it comes to skincare ingredients. After one day, you can go back to normal with skincare.

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