Valentine’s Day Skin Care Tips

Now that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, it’s time to amp up your skincare from today to achieve that naturally radiant and glowing complexion for Valentine’s Day as well as London Fashion Week if you’re planning to attend.

valentines day skin care tips

Valentine’s Day Skin Care Tips

First off, get detoxing. This may seem like an obvious one but is often ignored by those who get tied up in an everyday hectic lifestyle. Topical application has it’s own influence on the skin but you cannot ignore your bodily functions, toxic waste and acid accumulation that can affect how your skin looks currently. Sipping luke warm water daily with lemon, tomato, capsicum and honey squeezed in will help flush out toxic wasted and excess acids, healing and calming your skin if it’s currently going through a rough patch. Dark green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes and ginger and garlic are also wonderful for getting skin in ace condition.

Spend more time cleansing and exfoliating than applying serums and creams. Of course moisturising and layering skincare is a great way to ensure moisture is sealed into the skin. But if you’re like one of those people who are lazy when it comes to two step deep cleansing and non abrasive liquid exfoliation, then those serums and face creams will simply not penetrate into the skin. It’s like patting all those lotions and potions on a surface of blocked pores and dead skin cells. You need to make sure pores are cleansed inside out, there is no congestion in the skin and the top most layer is of fresh, new skin for it to be able to absorb in creams and serums effectively.

valentines day skin care tips face mask

Indulge in a face mask. These skincare gems are under rated. There is no reason not to indulge in a special treatment face mask once or twice a week, regardless of Valentine’s Day. These are potent skincare gems that are jam packed of super effective, concentrated ingredients that work faster than your regular skincare. Whip up a concoction at home, use a sheet mask or simply pick up one from a drugstore shelf, regardless of what formulation you opt for, it’s guaranteed to work. Unlike olden days however, have your options open as there’s more to face masks than just clay formulations. Detect and analyse your skin type and it’s current behaviour and give it nourishment, moisture, cleansing, exfoliation or soothing depending on what it wants.

Get rolling! How? Whatever type of device you use, give your face some facial exercise by indulging in a hand held rolling device. Whether it’s a traditional facial massager with nodular design aimed for lymphatic drainage and flushing out toxins or a more advanced Derma Roller that works at skin resurfacing and renewal – both will give your face that radiant, youthful glow that no skincare product alone will.

A Derma Roller will show visible results in just a few days if you incorporate it in your skincare regime for 10-15 minutes a day, 3 days a week . Opt for shorter needles, around 0.5mm if you have decent skin and are simply looking for skin cell renewal, fewer fine lines and overall improved complexion. It’s a virtually pain free way with not side effects, that in fact accelerates skincare absorption.

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