London Fashion Week, Baftas and Brits Beauty

derma roller skinThree major events happened in London in the past week or so with supermodels, celebrities, beauty bloggers and fashionistas flocking together to similar venues. Be it the red carpet or the runway, the ladies looked fabulous regardless of the trends they were showcasing. One thing in common that they all had was flawless skin.

Not one that had been enhanced drastically by foundation and concealer or a tonne of shimmering highlighter, but rather one that was just simply well taken care off. Au Naturale make-up was not only seen on the runway but was also flaunted by A-list celebrities on the red carpet and at after parties, making it a major beauty trend for Spring/Summer.

How to create flawless skin for Spring/Summer 2014:

– Get your basics right. Cleanse, Tone & Moisture – twice daily.

– Treat skin to Face Mask at least once a week.

– Eye Cream and Lip Cream is a must. Heavy duty ones at that.

– Incorporate either Salicylic Acid or Glycolic Acid in your skincare every two days.

– Retinol, antioxidants and omega 3 oil is what skin feeds on so give it that.

As for make-up, scrimp on Foundation, use brightening concealers where needed and keep the rest of base make-up minimal. Play on with seasonal beauty trends then!

For Wrinkles

Use glycolic acid and retinol which will help blur out fine lines and wrinkles as well as help with sun spots and hyperpigmentation. Fine lines will appear softer and the depth of the wrinkles will appear reduced. Skincare alone is not enough to create a young, flawless face hence Derma Roller incorporated into your skincare regime will help accelerate the process as well as increase absorption of skincare products.

For Acne Scarring

A difficult skin condition to deal with, use salicylic acid in your skincare regime which will help prevent the appearance of new blemishes and help fade old scars. Scarring is layers of pigmentation to go through which skincare cannot possibly cut through alone. Using Derma Roller thrice weekly has helped many people fade acne scars globally. It helps with the peeling and the exfoliation process.

For Dull Skin

Dull skin can comprise of uneven skin tone and lack lustre skin. What you need in this case is Omega 3 Oil which will help skin appear plump, supple and radiant. Derma Roller in this case only needs to be used twice weekly and can help with the peeling and exoliation as well as encouraging the formation of collagen and elastin which can also help with dull skin. Use mostly on the cheek and chin area which are prone to dullness. Use gentle motions without putting pressure and there will be absolutely no side effects!

With Spring/Summer just around the corner, now is the time to start investing in a religious and effective skin care routine to give you flawless skin in time for the warmer months. With festivals, holidays and beach picnics being a must-do ritual in those months, you don’t want to be caking your face with a layer of foundation. For that to be possible, your skin needs to be flawless and healthy looking naturally. Derma Roller is a device that can help with solving numerous skincare concerns such as pigmentation, sun spots, dullness, wrinkles and acne scarring making it a must-have skincare tool.

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