Derma Roller UK: What exactly does it do?

Many of you will have heard the term Derma Roller without knowing exactly what it is or what it does. Here is a brief synopsis for those who aren’t sure. Hailed as a revolutionary product in the beauty business the premise of a derma roller uk is to improve the appearance and texture of the skin where it is needed most. Stretch marks, acne scarring, tattoos and surgical scars can all be visibly improved through the use of a dermer roller.

They aren’t the only skin problems that can be helped either. How about cellulite, facial ageing, the pitting left over from chicken pox or hyper pigmentation. All of these can be improved through regular use of a derma roller uk and the best bit about it all is that you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home. This is the answer to your prayers if you are one of the millions who suffer from skin problems on the face and the body.

derma roller uk derma roller at home

The roller itself is a small, hand held device that features a drum that contains a multitude of ultra fine, micro needs, and by rolling the drum across the problem areas the needles penetrate the skin and trick the underlying tissue into effectively healing itself by stimulating the multiplication of new cells. This doesn’t claim to be a miracle device, we are far too smart for that old chestnut, but in testing the results have been outstanding and within a few weeks you are promised fresher and more even skin.

There is a trace of initial bruising as the needles are coming into contact with the tissues beneath the skin without breaking the epidermis, and this is how the body is tricked into repairing itself as it thinks there has been a trauma. This kicks in the rejuvenation process that produces more collagen and elastin in the tissue, the two key ingredients in young looking skin that is fresh and supple.

Anyone who wants to improve the appearance and texture of their skin quickly, for a special occasion for example, should seriously think about investing in a dermer roller. Due to the slight bruising and the flushed appearance after use it is highly recommended that those who are looking to improve their appearance for something as important as a wedding should start using the derma roller uk several months in advance to ensure they have achieved their optimum improvement before the big day.

Most women have reported that using the roller brings with it a mild discomfort but this is hard to gauge as everyone has a different pain threshold. There are topical anaesthetic creams available and using this before the roller is said to greatly improve the feeling when in use. When you compare the derma roller uk to many other anti-ageing products there is really no comparison.

Costing less than a tub of high end face cream which will not last very long at all, the derma roller offers great value for money. When the needles start to go blunt you simply replace the roller. An ingenious product with proven results, does it get any better than this?

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