Summer Skin Care with Derma Roller

In fairness it has been a long time since the last wonder treatment, namely botox, went mass market in the beauty industry so we are long overdue a new trend which everyone jumps on that actually delivers on its promises. Step forward the derma roller. Hailed as the latest wonder product in many of the top glossies, this is a trend that has erupted from nowhere and the best bit about it is the fact that it is very affordable.

summer skin care tips derma roller

Designed by a whole host of dermatological, we don’t need to know their names a virtual high five will do, this is one of those ideas that is so simply its brilliant. Created to help improve the appearance of the skin which is disfigured through acne scars, stretch marks, surgical scars and tattoos it has also been found to be effective for those who have cellulite, are suffering from the signs of facial ageing, hyper pigmentation and the marks left behind from chicken pox.

Having one tool to take care of all of this sounds, to be honest, to good to be true, but the experts say otherwise and considering the extreme amount of testing done who are we to argue? There have been more column inches given over recently to derma rollers than almost any other product that falls beneath the enormous umbrella of anti-ageing. Another plus is the fact you do it in the comfort of your own home, no traipsing to clinics or salons when you can fit it into your busy schedule.

So, onto the scientific bit, ie how it works. No prizes for guessing there is a roller mechanism involved but this is one with a twist. It contains a drum which is full of ultra fine needs and when you roll it over your problem areas it penetrates the outer layer of skin, or epidermis. This triggers off your natural reactors who think you have an injury and tricks them into initiating the healing process on the underlying tissue.

summer skin tips derma roller ukMore collagen and elastin is automatically produced within the tissue and as this is where the actual scarring etc exists the repetitive healing process caused by regular use of the roller smooths out the tissue and the marks that were visible through the skin are gradually eliminated. As we said; simple but brilliant.

This doesn’t claim to be a miracle cure, and it gets a thumbs up for that alone. What the testing has shown, however, is that within just a few weeks of regular use the skin looks younger, fresher and visibly smoother. The speed of the results all depend on the intensity of the scarring obviously and it will be work in progress for quite a while for those with deep tissue scarring or ink impregnation from tattoos.

There is an initial trace of bruising cause by the assault of the needles on the tissue and some have reported that is has been a bit painful. Not a problem, an application of anaesthetic cream first and you are good to go. Anyone wanting to have skin on show during the summer we are hurtling towards should really get started now with their derma roller as the sooner you start the sooner you reap the benefits.

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