Derma Roller Hair Loss Cure & Treatment

More than 70 million men and women suffer from hair loss issues just in the United States each year, let alone global figures. Hair loss is followed by hair thinning and more of your scalp being seen than usual. The skin of the scalp seen more than the amount of hair is an immediate indication of hair loss and a hair problem that worries men and women alike. It can make you appear older than your actual age, affect your confidence and make you feel awkward in social situations. The last thing you want is people questioning you about it which can lead to extreme anxiety, stress and frustration.

Derma Roller works on the simple principle of puncturing the skin and causing it a minor injury. What this does in return is to help the skin regenerate and heal which it wouldn’t do on it’s own. The healthy skin cells around the so called ‘injured’ area help the bald area to activate it’s collagen and elastin production, alongside the hair growth process. It’s literally like giving the hair follicle a much needed kick start to encourage hair growth. The Derma Roller needles also help at encouraging blood flow in the area which is directly responsible for encouraging hair growth and stopping hair loss.

hair loss hair cure treatment derma roller

Why hair loss and hair growth serums would be absolutely useless to work on their own is because the hair follicle is actually not on the surface of the scalp but a few cm’s below and to activate hair growth, a product would need to reach just there. Only Derma Roller with it’s 0.5mm needles and above can reach that deep and encourage the hair growth process.

Scientists suggest that the derma roller works by triggering the production of human growth factor. When the needles are rolled along the skin, they cause minor surface wounds to the tissue. The body then must work to produce new skin in the area of the wound and releases the human growth hormone and other chemicals to assist with this process. Supporters of the derma roller believe that when these chemicals are released they also stimulate the growth of hair in the affected area, which can help begin regrowth in areas of thinning.

Designed for both men and women, Derma Roller can be used on extending partition lines in women as well as long as you are careful not to cause any sort of tangling, which may only cause further hair breakage – the last thing you want. Derma Roller is designed to straighten the scalp as well which can help if you are suffering from mild hair loss and want to strengthen the hair follicle to prevent frequent breakage. Combine Derma Roller with hair growth serums, 2-3 times a week and see new hair growth a few weeks time.

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