Serums & SPF – The Two Most Underrated Gems in Skincare

We spend a tonne on moisturising creams, grainy exfoliators and cleansers but scrimp when it comes to face serums and SPF. In fact this is where we don’t care about what brand it is and compromise on whatever is the cheapest or the most convenient at the time. Although SPF’s hardly differ in quality, you can still choose one based on your skin type. If you skin is too sensitive, there are SPF’s that will prevent from aggravating it any further.

sun protectionIf you have an oily skin tone, SPF’s these days come with an added mattifying effect. For dry skin types, there’s SPF with a hydrating formula that won’t exaggerate dry skin patches. With thin, liquid like formula’s available these days with an invisible finish, there is no reason to complain about the thick formula, the greasy residue or the white chalkiness that it may leave behind.

Why SPF is essential? Your skin is not naturally guarded from UVA and UVB rays of the sun which can come in contact with your skin on not so obvious cloudy days from your living room window as well! Let alone the intense effect it has on your skin when in full exposure on a bright sunny day outdoors. These rays can dry out your skin intensely, break the structure of the skin which causes wrinkle and ageing, can trigger hyperpigmentation and sun spots. With irreparable damage that the sun can cause, a hat and a SPF will be your best friend this Summer.

Sun screen can be used just before applying your make-up or as a last step in your skincare regime, so there’s no reason to skip it. Think of it as an adhesive to hold onto your make-up or if going au naturale, it can be your invisible shield from the sun. Who wouldn’t want that especially if you like to stay outdoors in the warm months.

Sun damage may not show immediately but 5-10 years down the line, any wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation or sun spots you can spot, is all due to that. Derma Roller is the only solution for sun damage if you have already been a careless victim. It repairs layers of sun damaged skin and gradually reveals fresh, even and younger looking skin.

derma roller anti ageing sun spots hyperpigmentationSerums on the other hand are not even a part of skincare at all for a majority of people out there. Did you know it works faster than your moisturiser, has the ability to penetrate through skin more effectively and is lightweight to apply. In fact skin care specialists may recommend investing more in your serum than your face cream as it has the ability to work better and quicker.

Opt for serums depending on your skin type and current skin concern. Ageing, uneven skin tone, dullness, acne, dehydration and so on – there’s a serum for all of these with different ingredients in them to work best for your skin type. Hyaluronic and Salicylic Acid Serums are best to use after Derma Roller session for even better absorption.

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