Mens Skincare Tips For Quick Grooming

Men’s Skincare routine can be made complicated with a tonne of beauty gurus and health magazines out there, where as in fact it as be simple and uncomplicated to be able to follow it every single day without fail.

Exfoliate – This is the key to brighter looking skin. We’re not talking about an intense Microdermabrasion session. We’re talking about everyday exfoliation. Don’t scratch your skin with peach kernals and outdated, abrasive exfoliating scrubs. If you really want new skin to show through and slough off dead skin cells, you need a non-abrasive exfoliant that works effectively at peeling and renewing skin. Try a liquid one that you use with a cotton wool or simply including something containing salicylic or glycolic acid.

Moisturiser – Again, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Just choose one based on your skin type and current skin concern. Opt for ones that leave a luminous finish on the skin, if you suffer from tired, dull and fatigued skin that’s prone to dark circles. On the other hand, if shine is your pet peeve, then anti-shine, mattifying moisturisers will be your best friend. Remember the role of a moisturiser is to keep skin hydrated, supple and youthful so invest in a good quality one that you can slap on everyday without thinking twice. Ideally, there should be an intense one for the night too but if you feel that’s a bit too much for you, start off with a trusty one for daytime wear.

mens skincare tips derma roller

Face Mask – It’s not feminine at all to indulge in a face mask once or twice a month. If you live in the city and your skin goes through a tonne of pollution, dirt, grime and is affected by other environmental factors, it’s obvious that it will need some detoxing. Use face masks containing clay and manuka honey. Clay will help balance the oil production in your skin and keep blemishes at bay and manuka honey will act as anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant ingredient that helps skin heal and renew itself.

Eye roll on – These are equivalent to eye creams but more of a morning, pick-me-up version of them. These are light in texture, do not feel heavy on the skin and usually contain caffeine that will perk up the under eye area especially if you are a workaholic and need some help in the dark circle department. Keep these in the fridge overnight for a super cool boost in the morning, just before heading out to work.

Brow Gel – It’s not termed as makeup if you invest in a brow gel to tame those caterpillar brows. Men usually suffer from unruly brow hairs, that without much trimming and grooming can easily look haywire and messy. If you’re looking to give them a neat, pulled together look, then transparent brow gels will help keep them in place come rain or shine. On the other hand, if you’re one of those guys with sparse eye brows, opt for a tinted brow gel that subtly injects a hint of colour and makes you appear ten years younger in minutes.

Derma Roller -This handheld rolling device with needles on top is the most masculine skincare device you will ever own. If like most men, you don’t indulge in facials and skincare treatments, the Derma Roller device will make up for all of that. It will stimulate collagen and elastin production leading to younger, tauter skin. Alongside fading acne scars and blemish marks, it helps target sun spots and uneven skin tone. Incorporating a Dermaroller in your skincare regime twice a week, rolling it on the skin for 15-20 minutes can seriously boost skin health.

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