Crows Feet Causes and Removal

crows feet treatment removal derma roller

What are crows feet? The fine lines around the outer corner of the eyes that form an almost triangular like shape that resembles a crows feet. These are the most dynamic wrinkles on the face as they appear almost instantly on squinting, laughing and whilst pulling various facial expressions. Crows feet are also instantly ageing as they are highly visible and start appearing from late twenties and early thirties, as opposed to wrinkles that tend to take over the face during ones 40’s.

Crows feet can develop from quite a few reasons but mainly unprotected sun exposure, smoking and squinting. Sun exposure without SPF can break down the collagen and elastin in the area around the eyes, leading to skin that is loose and saggy instead of tight and firm. The breakage in the collagen structure leads to the formation of wrinkles. Because the eye area is so delicate and often sun exposure is accompanied by involuntary squinting, it’s two forces working against your skin at causing crows feet that make you appear 10 years older than your age.

Always opt for an SPF of 50 and reapply when on the beach or in the sun and most importantly, oversized sun glasses will be your best protection at keeping those crows feet at bay. Smoking is known to deprive blood flow and oxygen flow to the skin which can also be responsible for cause pre-mature crows feet. The action of smoking is often accompanied with one squinting eyes to get rid of the smoke. This along with smoking itself can lead to these fine lines and wrinkles around the outer eye area.

crows feet derma rollerWhat you can do is to apply a thick cream containing anti-oxidants and glycolic acid, carefully and sparingly around the crows feet to help combat these wrinkles from deepening. What also can be done is to roll a handheld skincare device namely derma roller around the eye area. This is the only way, alongside Botox, that will help reverse the sign of ageing and soften and blur out those crows feet. Although effective, don’t expect the treatment to be miraculous in the sense that it will provide instant results.

Like all anti-ageing treatments, consistency and determination is the key. Derma roller results are permanent and guaranteed but because they have no side effects to them and only full of benefits, the process is a little slower than usual. You should be able to witness results from 6-8 weeks after starting the treatment, in the form of crows feet fading, softening and blurring out slightly.

Overtime, derma roller treatment will encourage more collagen and elastin production around the area, leading to a fuller, plumper and smoother area around the eyes. Using an anaesthetic cream before using derma roller will ensure you feel absolutely no discomfort during rolling the handheld device on the delicate eye area. After use, follow up with a hyaluronic acid or a stem cell boosting serum for fantastic results. Using derma roller 3 times a week, gently but firmly on crows feet is enough to trigger a drastic and visible response in the skin.

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