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Get gorgeous and Dermaroll your way into the New Year

Ever looked at the fresh faces of celebrities and felt sure they must resort to plastic surgery in order to have skin that looks that flawless?  Well some of them might do but nowadays it’s amazing how much you can … Continue reading

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Derma Roller Treatment: How to Use a Dermaroller

Coming across a video by YouTube Beauty Guru HudaBeauty regarding Dermaroller treatment and how you can use the device at home, we thought we should emphasise how important technique is when using the Derma Roller At Home Kit. First of … Continue reading

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Dermaroller – Angelina Jolie’s secret to glowing skin

If you have less than perfect skin including unsightly acne scars, loss of plumpness, uneven pigmentation, and crepeyness then you probably know how much having less than perfect skin can get you down.  Dermaroller, a treatment you may or may … Continue reading

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Dermaroller Treatment for Hyperpigmentation skin

Melanin is a pigment produced naturally in the skin, and it’s what gives us our natural colour or pigmentation. But sun exposure, hormonal influences, injuries, genetic factors, certain illnesses and ageing can all lead to an overproduction of melanin in … Continue reading

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The easiest way to reduce Cellulite & Stretchmarks for Summer

The heatwave calls for short shorts, skimpy skirts, swimsuits and bikinis and we all know how dreadful all that can be if you suffer from cellulite and stretch marks. The two most common things related to weight gain and fat … Continue reading

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