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The ‘perfect’ age for using Derma Roller

Increasingly distorted portrayal of ‘beauty’ by the media and press since the last decade has now created a generation of teenagers and shockingly even children who are not satisfied with how they look superficially and would like to get cosmetic … Continue reading

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Micro Needling Treatment: A non-invasive way to flawless skin

If you have no intention of jumping onto the cosmetic surgery bandwagon, want to steer clear of collagen injections and feel anti-ageing skincare is nothing but chemically laden, then Derma Roller, Micro Needling or Collagen Induction Therapy, whatever you may like … Continue reading

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Microneedling to resurface ageing, sagging & wrinkled skin

As we grow older, skin’s volume and density is what starts depleting gradually. This is the reason we see flat, dull, lustre lacking, sagging skin. The strong net that keeps skin tight and elastic starts to loosen hence skin starts … Continue reading

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Derma Roller/Micro Needling: How it works & Needle Sizes

What Derma Roller does is to break off that outer layer of skin which needs to be treated which will then slough off and stimulates your epidermis to form new healthy skin. The first time you use it, your skin … Continue reading

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Derma Roller Skincare Benefits in a Nutshell

Derma Roller treatment benefits are many including ant-blemish, anti-ageing, scar reduction, improving skin texture, combating stubborn hyperpigmenation and so on however in our introductory post, we shall summarise all the benefits so if you suffer from any of the skin … Continue reading

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